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Danny Jeffrey


October 27, 2013
How many times have I seen it stated that Obama is incompetent? It must be thousands, and all who have said this are sadly mistaken. Have you ever watched Peter Falk in 'Columbo'? If so you have seen how a perceived incompetence gives him an edge over his adversary. 

What worked for Columbo works equally as well for Obama as he fleeces the American people. Due to their not understanding the political agenda taking place before them, many have walked into the baited trap of actually believing Hussein to be an incompetent blundering fool. 

Recalling Columbo's famous line "Just one more thing..." I would like to add 'just one more thing': Those people are Obama's prey.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said about success. It is simply a matter of perspective. A conservative can view an undertaking like ObamaCare and see only incompetence and failure, whereas a Progressive viewing the same thing sees a very successful assault on capitalism and the American people. Considering both views it then behooves us to understand Obama's motive in passing the ObamaCare law. 

If you believe that he promoted this with America's good in mind then he is most assuredly incompetent, because it has done grievous harm. However, if you feel that his intention behind this health insurance law was to damage America and its economy then you have no choice but to admit that he has been anything but incompetent. The following video is from Wayne Allen Root and I truly hope that you will take the time to watch it as I could not possibly say it any better.

This from The Blaze...
ObamaCare Didn't Fail...It's A Huge Success(Video)

I write on serious topics, as these are indeed serious times, and have frequently encountered a comment to one of my articles such as "We're doomed", or "We're toast." I will not accept defeat until I am down to my last bullet, consequently I reject the idea that we are doomed as long as one of us are still able to stand and fight. And so, I wrote an essay entitled "We Are Not Doomed". I wrote it in April of 2012 and admittedly it did not hit the best seller list; at that time.

Now people are really starting to be truly frightened and that essay, a year and a half later became my most read item three months in a row, dropped to second place for one month, and is now back in first place. The essay did not improve with age. What has changed is the outlook and the fear level that my fellow patriots are experiencing. 

Now they simply see that title and it is like a drowning man grasping at a straw. It contains no easy answers, no magic formula, and no guarantee of success. What it does contain is a warning of danger that many did not acknowledge in April 2012, and the only solution to our problems that I can find. What I saw coming then is now almost here and fast approaching, and America, we had best be prepared for all hell to break loose before the next Presidential election.

I frequently get a lecture from one dear to me regarding my concern for this nation, and the efforts that I put into trying to reach others across the miles. During those lectures I am guaranteed to hear the following: "Don't blame Obama. Blame those who put him there and those who won't do anything about it." She is describing the 'average' American, so let us consider some of these 'average' Americans. 

Recently a video went viral of a man who dared question the wisdom of 'Common Core' in our educational facilities. He wanted an answer to his question and what he got was arrested and removed from the hall. The charges were later dropped as there was no reason to arrest him in the first place. The sole intent was to shut him up, i.e.: strip him of his First Amendment rights, and get him out of there.

That man displayed courage and if you have watched the video you saw 'average' Americans doing what they do best. Being apathetic. Not one person stood up on that man's behalf. I did not expect any of them to tackle the security guard or resort to violence in any way. What I would like to have seen, however, is for the entire room to stand up and walk out of that indoctrination class. They did not, but I am willing to bet that when they went home, many got on Facebook and spent the rest of their evening trying to 'wake people up'. That is becoming a tired old ritual somewhat akin to gossiping over the fence, and just about as productive.

More recently an outstanding young man had the courage to stand before Traitor McCain and politely state that the Senator is guilty of treason and listed some of the reasons why he believed this to be true. It sounded like two or three people applauded in the background, probably the young man's family. Other than that, there was only apathy among the gathering.

This is that video. Even if you have seen it before, please watch it again and don't watch the young patriot or John McCain. Watch the sheep gathered there and ask yourself do they truly deserve freedom? This may be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave; but those brave are getting very hard to find. Everyone in that hall should have risen to their feet and given the young man a standing ovation. The very least they should have done was walked out leaving McCain without an audience. They did absolutely Nothing that would interfere with their planned evening of indoctrination.

It has always been my nature to be a skeptic, accepting nothing on faith, and always wanting to peer beyond the superficial facade that most accept as reality. Now I cannot help but feel that I am about to witness the greatest deception in the history of mankind, and I can do no more than write about it. There is absolutely nothing that I can do to change coming events, for they have been long planned and well planned.

Many of my fellow Americans are well aware of danger but they perceive not its depth, nor direction. They are being manipulated by a puppet master and are not even aware that they too are puppets in this great drama. They are looking forward to the elections of 2014 and 2016 with a feeling of desperation and blind hope, choosing to ignore the fact that the last election was a manipulated farce, with a shill running for President and the voting machines rigged.

Today we find the Progressive wing of the Republican party turning rabid and viciously attacking our conservative members. How can anyone be so foolish as to see a happy outcome?

But a small change does seem to be occurring.

Prior to the 2012 elections I described Mitt Romney as a shill and made many people angry. After all Glenn Beck had enlisted help from above and guaranteed us that God would intervene and smite the wicked. The elections turned out exactly as I predicted, and now the change that I referred to is due to my latest essay of doom and gloom. Had I written 'Hillary For Prez...The Latest Flap' two years ago my readers, one and all, would have declared me over the top.

Now those same readers are used to me being correct and the comments that I have been receiving largely echo my views. The most negative thought I have yet encountered is "I so hope that you are wrong." My answer to that was that I am always hoping that I am wrong.(Keep hoping Linda, I'm on your side.)
I used the term 'indoctrination' several times above, and that is just what I believe many of our public gatherings have become. Let us face it, most people cannot function without leaders and there is both good and bad indoctrination. At a Tea Party gathering for instance, attendees are given hope and a brighter outlook by speakers such as Sarah Palin, Wild Bill for America, Allen West, Bill Smith, and Michelle Bachman. This is good indoctrination, somewhat akin to a rousing sermon in church on Sunday.

If that enthusiasm would only last, for those speakers tell us of what can be, but it is up to us to deliver the final results, and that is where most fail miserably. My proof of that statement lies in the video linked above of the young man confronting John McCain. Many times I have seen "Freedom is not Free" posted on the internet, and that young man knows it. The other sheep in that room are waiting, in vain I might add, for someone else to fight for their freedom, and give it to them for Free. Failing that, they might settle for an Obama Phone.

Now I must utilize another oft posted quote: "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." Those apathetic fools/sheep are part of the problem.

Town Hall meetings were once a place where political leaders called the people together to hear their thoughts. Now they have become a place to indoctrinate the masses, telling them what they are to accept as the next step to a Progressive utopia.

Go to those meetings, but go not as sheep. Go with an attitude. Go with the courage of the Founders who laid life, liberty, and their sacred honor on the line. Go with a fire in your belly. Don't just sheepishly sit there or timidly ask a question. Express your views. Demand an answer. Make your presence known or get up and walk out. If the evening's format does not allow time for those who attend to ask questions, let them know in advance that you do not have time to attend their indoctrination course.

Americans are living in fear. That fear Must be replaced by anger, for out of anger doth courage grow, and from courage springs the seeds of freedom. The alternative to that is a continued state of apathy, and the darkness born of cowardice. The choice is ours to make. Choose wisely my friend. Choose wisely. 

We are losing our country and if I am correct the process will be complete in less than three years. Nothing but an uprising of patriots is going to reverse the process, and that uprising begins with words. Let those words of liberty and of defiance come from you. Stop worrying about making waves. Turn the damn boat over and let those who reach the shore build a new boat.

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Anonymous said...

So Obama had to Lie for our own good?

He had to Lie and cheat his way to re-election just for us mere peasants?

In order for the president to make decisions, he needs to know what is going on – if people are interrupting the flow of information to him, they are in essence making those decisions for him.

In effect, we have un-elected people in the White House assuming the duties of the president.

This is an intolerable condition – the president is elected to lead the country, not some underlings that make those decisions for him by keeping key facts from his eyes.

If we had a true leader, he would route out these presidential pretenders and fire them immediately.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that a uprising aka revolt will make any difference. Obama made sure he covered his bases by having homeland security take care of all the ammo so as to be ready to rise to the occasion.

But, should such a day come when the armed citizens of this nation stand up...and die, not live on their knees, to take back this country, you can bet.....I'll be right there!

Anonymous said...

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