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Danny Jeffrey


General Odierno
October 23, 2013
Many are they who see my views as one vast conspiracy theory. They are mistaken. It is one vast conspiracy fact, and daily more pieces fall into place validating my fears, my conclusions, and my projections.

Listed below in Suggested Reading is my most recent essay, 'Anarchy...Its Pursuits And Its Goals'. I posted it in one of the groups to which I belong and was delighted to see a well thought out reply by one of my readers. Hat Tip to S.M.P.. My essay put forth the idea that Martial Law, that so many fear could happen any day now. will not occur until within a year of the 2016 Presidential election. That it is coming I have no doubt but feel that Obama is delaying this action until his administration and supporters are stronger, and we are weaker.

Reader S.M.P. interjected a thought, a well considered one I might add, that the Progressives tried to seize control during the days of Woodrow Wilson, and failed. They tried again in the sixties, and failed. He further added that they are not going to wait another generation to try again. This time they are going to go for broke, and if they fear that they are about to lose control of the Senate in 2014, they will make their move at that time, even though they are not ready. 

Ready or not, revolution is coming to America, and it is a strange lopsided, upside down revolution because it comes from the top down, as well as from the bottom up.

Recall if you will communist Van Jones' comment of "Top down, bottom up, inside out." Most revolutions begin with wannabe dictators convincing the lower class to rise against the nation's leaders. This revolution will be unique in that its purpose is not to overthrow the government, but the middle class that has long been the backbone of America. The top down part of the plan comes from Progressive leaders, executive orders, the DHS, and armored street vehicles, while the bottom up part of the plan utilizes union thugs, militant blacks and Latinos, and radical Islam. The 'inside out' is what is planned for us.

Knowing Barrack Obama's loyalties I shall also predict a new holocaust, aimed not only at Jews, but prosperous white people as well. These people are masters of deception for they have been able to convince liberal whites that conservatives are all racists, while enslaving and largely erraticating the white race is part of the master plan.

I must agree with S.M.P.s thinking, although I do not believe that there is much chance of dethroning Harry Reid and his loyal Progressives. I am far more inclined to worry about losing the house than feeling an optimism of gaining control of the Senate. The GOP is in total disarray with defectors continually joining the ranks of RINOs, quite prepared to hang America out to dry in hopes of remaining in office.

I am certain that most of my readers are familiar with the Weimar Republic and the hyperinflation they created, thus giving rise to a desperate people willing to accept oppressive government control as long as that government could provide stability. They got that stability at the cost of losing their freedom. Their stability came in the guise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party.

From Noisy
The Looming Threat of Hyperinflation Approaches. Diversify Now

The above link warns of hyperinflation and suggests ways to safeguard your investments. Good points by the way. Well worth the time it takes to read it.

Hyperinflation in the U.S. is but one percentage point away, and if that sounds too cryptic allow me to explain what I mean:

Inflation is reported to be currently at 1.5% and if your income and expenditures say otherwise it it due to some special bookkeeping in Washington. Whatever the actual number is, it is very low considering the fact that we are knowing sitting on an inflationary time bomb by printing a trillion non-existent dollars every year under the auspices of Quantitive Easing. QE is financial suicide and the only thing that has prevented that bomb from already blowing up in our faces is wishful thinking, people running scared, and the Government borrowing money from itself and lending it at near O% interest.

The boys on Wall Street are playing a game, knowing that if they slow down, they lose the game; knowing also that no matter how fast they run, sooner or later, they will still lose. That outcome is predestined by the law of cause and effect, but as long as Wall Street denies reality and keeps playing they are providing providing the revenue to keep a bankrupt nation afloat.

If people suddenly start facing reality the whole bottom will fall out of the economic market and we will have instant hyperinflation, i.e.: collapse. I am not inclined to believe this will occur as those who manage money markets are very good at what they do and are guaranteeing their own futures in tangible investments like land and precious metals. The longer they keep this sinking boat afloat, the richer they will become.

No, I do not believe that we will see a sudden unexpected collapse, after all George Soros said that his plan was to take our economy down slowly, and he is the man who is calling the shots. What I do foresee is the economy is going to be torpedoed by raising interest rates, probably in early to mid 2015, followed by the events I project in 'Anarchy Its Pursuits And Its Goals'. Many economists predict that a simple one percent rise in interest rates will be sufficient to trigger the collapse.

That the economy is going to crash, there is no doubt. It will come in one of two ways: We continue printing money until there is so much in circulation that all lose faith and it is devalued to virtually nothing. The other way is triggered intentionally. Recall the adage, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." The Progressives running this nation know full well that we cannot keep running printing presses and spending like there is no tomorrow, and the last thing they want is a collapse they did not expect, and so they will initiate it on a time of their own choosing. After all, these people are control freaks and to maintain that control they must follow an agenda, laid out long ago, while still retaining flexibility.

Amschel Rothchild once said "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws." So convenient to not only be in a position of making laws, to have the power to break laws with impunity, and controlling the money supply all at the same time. That, my friends, is some serious Control.

You all know that the Obama regime is intent on wrecking our economy, and bringing this nation to its knees, and I am just bold enough, perhaps reckless enough, to tell everyone exactly how he is going to do it.

There was a reason that I began this essay with a photo of General Odierno, and this is it:

From The Blaze...
Army Chief of Staff Reveals His Greatest Fears
“There is going to come a time when we simply don’t have enough money to provide what I believe to be the right amount of ground forces to conduct contingency operations,” he said. “We’re not there yet, but it is something we are going to continue to review.”
If Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno were to receive an order to deploy thousands of troops into a combat situation, he would be hard-pressed to comply. That’s because the U.S. Army reportedly only has two combat-ready brigades right now.

Typically there are three brigades in a division. The Marine 3rd, 4th, and 5th. divisions were used to secure Iwo Jima. 

This makes we wonder if we could win that battle today. Obama has gutted our military and the process continues.

It behooves all of us as free citizens to consider the General's warning. I cannot help but believe that  his greatest fear should be our greatest fear as well. This nation was set up to have a system of checks and balances that no one man or group should gain too much power. The system has failed! It is obvious that our legislative branch, and our judicial branch, have succumbed to the forces of Progressivism.

All that stands between us and a 21st century Hitler is our Constitution and our military. The Constitution is pretty much shredded leaving only the First and Second Amendments that Obama has yet not managed to overturn, and he is trying that via a backdoor approach through the U.N.

The General told us of his greatest fear. Allow me to tell you of Obama's. He could give a hoot less about Congress, or the courts. When they get too pesky he simply bypasses them with an executive order and he uses them as a backdrop to take the blame for all that ails America. No, they don't matter. His dealings with them is simply more Kabuki to entertain the public while he solidifies his grasp on power. 

Obama's greatest fear is without question, our military.

You have seen him firing Flag Officers, demoting them, reassigning them, and moving turncoat officers loyal to him into positions of authority. The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff advised Obama long ago against any involvement in Libya. Their reasoning and advice was based on the fact that we had nothing to gain and everything to lose in the effort to oust Qaddafi. Obama ignored their advice, and listened to Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice, and threw America's resources behind an Al Qaeda invasion of a sovereign nation we had no reason to attack.

The outcome of that attack is obvious to all. Qaddafi was involved in the battle against terrorism, i.e. Al Qaeda. We lost an ally in the war on terror and AQ gained a country. The arms we supplied have now found their way throughout the Middle East, spreading terror wherever they go. Those arms were purchased by money we borrowed from China, and we are now paying interest on that loan. China will no longer loan us money, and so we borrow from ourselves.

If he had only listened to the Joint Chiefs; but then it is all a matter of agendas. The JCs had a pro America agenda to promote. Obama's lady advisers had yet another; that of George Soros.

America, heed my warning. Sooner or later Americans are going to rise in armed revolt against our Progressive overlords. If they don't then they deserve not liberty, if they do they will need help, in the form of America's armed forces. Those fighting men are the pivot point to this nation's future, and Obama knows it. He and his puppet masters are well aware that they cannot deal with the military siding with the American public. Obama has garnered great fighting machines  to patrol our streets and numerous drones to patrol our skies, and he is convinced that before the 2016 election he will be able to defeat an angry proletariat, but not an angry military.

Part of what I have projected as necessary before Obama could hope to implement Martial Law in this nation is the destruction of our armed forces, as they owe allegiance, not to him but to the Constitution and the American people. If push comes to shove then our military would follow in the footsteps of the Egyptian military, bow to the people's wishes, and dethrone a dangerous leader. Therefore, before the Progressive plan can be enacted, our armed must be engaged elsewhere or neutered.

For any who still doubt some of the details that I have laid out in past efforts, I ask you this? Why are we funding and strengthening the armed forces of foreign nations while allowing our own to decay, and while you ponder that, ask yourself why all western nations doing the same?

I just love quoting liberal rags when they prove my point.

This from The Daily Kos...
U.C. Berkeley purchases armored personnel carrier

Why would Berkeley, the home of Liberal love ins, want to have an armor plated assault vehicle? For that matter, why would DHS be funding such assault vehicles for police departments across this nation. Be sure to read 'Firestorm-Coming To America' in Suggested Reading below.
I contend that Obama is intentionally wrecking our military to guarantee that they do not rise against his Marxist revolution when it comes. There is no other plausible reason to explain why he has implemented a crippling budget against them while funding his own private army in America, as well as Islamic nations and terrorist groups abroad. In addition to the austerity military budget he also insist they use 'green' fuel ranging from $20.00 a gallon and up.

Yes, General Odierno has good reason to be fearful as Obama has placed a noose about the collective necks of America's finest, and that noose tightens day by day.

Why, you might ask, has the military not already acted? I am so glad you asked. The military has a long history of protecting this nation by following orders and they will continue to do so until they see open rebellion in our streets. Then and only then will they do what needs to be done. They must see an outpouring of protests such as the Egyptian army saw in their homeland. And, for there to be any hope of success this must happen before Obama has completely dismantled our armed forces and completed his.
Time grows short.

See Part Two in Suggested Reading below.
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Paul Collings said...

How ever the future plays out the one thing people who might call you a conspiracy theorist cannot do is give a counter argument.
It is this lack of argument that should cause concern to the masses.
Why have the police been turned into a mighty millatary style combat force.
Why are so many unknown illegals allowed to roam free in the US.
Why are so many given refugees plucked from places like Somali and give US citizenship.
Why would you pass a health care law no one had read.
Why would a health care law require the law to enter your property.
Why are political opponants targeted by tax officials and NSA.
Why are people who support the constitution called terrorists?
Theres a thousand questions you could ask. All of which will get you labled as a terrorist, a racist, an Islamophobe but will not get you an answer.
It used to be the truth would set you free. Now its the case that the truth could get you killed! people know that instintively
and so they don't ask the questions.
The patriotic American has become the enemy of 'Progress'.

whteshark said...

This was great stuff, Danny, and I have always believed Americans will take this infringement on their liberties until that day comes when they have nothing left to lose.

Our standard of living is what holds this country together. Take that away and all the hate that simmers just below American politics will blow like a dormant volcano spewing it destruction from sea to shining sea. The collapse of the economy and the evaporation of wealth would cause convulsions that would ripple through history.

A book that I have read twice is Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower: Will America survive to 2025?." I dismissed Pat after he left the Republican Party in the 90's but I believe he's quite prescient and it's a read I recommend.