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Danny Jeffrey


October 3, 2013
Many would put forth the idea that America's involvement and support of Middle Eastern terrorism is due to the fact that Obama is a Muslim supporting his fellow Muslims. I disagree! He was raised in the Muslim community and therefore knows their ways and weaknesses. He may or may not be a Muslim but lately I have begun to doubt it as I find it hard to believe that anyone with his Narcissistic delusions of grandeur could actually recognize the existence of any deity above himself.

It is my view that Obama, along with most of the other Western leaders and the militant left, are in the tank with those who promote the New World Order i.e.: Progressivism, and are using Muslims as a means to further their own agenda. When and if this goal is accomplished, Islam will be of no further use and accordingly discarded, by whatever means necessary.

Needless to say, my beliefs run against commonly held beliefs and many of my fellow patriots believe that the now dying Arab Spring was originally promoted by Obama for the furtherance of the Islamic agenda, and so I would like to take a different tact in the efforts to validate my view. Without further adieu, I shall eliminate Hussein Obama from the picture and give you David Cameron.

Wikipedia tells us that Mister Cameron is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party. He also represent Witney as its member of Parliament. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Brasenose College, Oxford, gaining a first class honours degree.

In short, the Prime minister is a well educated man and anything that he does that seems stupid is not done out of ignorance but design. The following article appeared in The Guardian U.K. May 12, 2007:

From The Guardian U.K.
British Asians are role models, says Cameron
After spending two days in the spare bedroom of a British Muslim family the P.M. described his experience.
"I found myself thinking that is is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around."

For the Prime Minister to have spent two days living in a 'spare bedroom' with a Muslim family I must conclude that he approached the situation with a private agenda, and it is our duty as free men to understand the full impact of such an agenda. Ignore it at your own peril.

Consider the implications of his statement above as we are told that the people of Britain need to not only accept the ways of the Muslims, but become more like them. It was the English people who stood against tyranny, forcing King John in 1215 to sign the Magna Carta respecting the rights of free men. They established a precedent that many years later influenced the founders of this nation and the Constitution they forged. 

History tells us that any Muslim that has ever stood against the powers of Islam soon found his head and body separated.

While on the topic of beheading, recently the Prime Minister managed to defend Islam telling the world that the murder of English soldier Lee Rigby had nothing to do with Islam. Mister Cameron and other world leaders keep promoting the idea of Islam as a religion of peace and creating a dichotomy between Islam and the heinous attacks of its people committed in the name of the 'Religion of Peace'.

Most recently we have the Islamic butchers and their ritual murders, enacted in the Mall in Mali, on all who were not Muslims by faith. Again David Cameron supported Islam while denouncing those terrorists who behave according to the teachings of the Qur'an.

In previous writings I have often used the term 'smoke screen' as a means to divert the public's attention from the reality at hand. I cannot help but believe that this is taking place. 

A bit of sage advice from history tells us to judge a person not from his words but by his actions and this is where the smoke gets really thick as both Cameron's words and actions, point to his supporting Islam, while denouncing the ways of the people of England. So, is Cameron also a Muslim like many believe Obama to be? No, he most certainly is not!

It is said that there are two sides to every story. The story before us, for those who will look closely, has three sides. David Cameron's duties as P.M. require that he serves the interests of the people of the U.K. His words and actions tend to demonstrate his loyalty to Islam. Neither are the correct view. The Prime Minister's loyalties are to the Progressive agenda, and his zeal to promote it require that he shuns the interests of his own people and feign a false support of the Islamic encroachment on the shores of England.

I have frequently used the word 'traitor' to describe such people as Obama, McCain, Graham, Boehner, Reid, and Pelosi. In my view, that word equally applies equally well to David Cameron for he has betrayed the people of the United Kingdom, and is leading them down what Friedrich Hayak described as the 'Road to Serfdom'.

Watch, if you will, an 81 second video of Cameron telling us that the attack on the mall in Mali had absolutely nothing to do with Qur'anic teachings. Why must this man deny what we all know to be true? Many in the U.K. and Europe hold the belief that their leaders fear Muslims. I cannot believe this. The English Army could, if called upon to do so, rid the British Aisles of Muslims in about a week. In time they will be called upon to do just that, but not yet, as the big picture has a purpose in promoting Muslims for the moment.

Think about it. I am confident that the Progressive plan calls for a Muslim uprising, on their command, and will frighten the English people into totally accepting the edicts of the NWO in order to eliminate the Islamic terror that will be taking place around them. Many of the more knowledgeable people of England quite rightly fear Islam, and that fear is so palpable that they are overlooking the prime directive that promotes the spread of Muslims among them.

There is no rational reason for the U.K.'s leaders to be giving away their own nation to a foreign people but there is a motive and I have identified it.

Many of us cite the horrors put forth in George Orwell's book '1984' and a world such as he describes does not come into existence when a people are led by loyal politicians. Such a world occurs through the unbridled lust for power, by lies and deceptions, by smokescreens and illusions, by treachery and treason, and by elected leaders allowing their own nation to be infiltrated by the forces of terrorism.

Once done, and 1984 is a reality, those forces will be cleansed and an age of absolute control will settle upon the people of England.

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John Houk said...

For such an educated member of the UK's Conservative Party he is sounding like a pinhead Progressive.


Just sounds like John McCain and all of the other Progressives. They all have rehearsed their talking points