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Danny Jeffrey


October 6. 2013
Several days ago, a friend of mine in the U.K. informed me that he would soon be leaving a comment to some of my recent efforts regarding the existing alliance between the Progressives of the West and Islam. Yesterday that comment was posted, and I was not disappointed, as it was well thought out and expressed. Several years ago I told Paul that he should be a blogger. I maintain that view. This man thinks, and we need more like him.

As a rule I never post a reader's name, respecting the right to privacy, but since he posted his comment in one of my essays using his full name instead of 'Anonymous' as do many, the die is cast and so "Paul" it is, and the essay he chose to comment on was: 
The Left/Islamic Agenda, And A Coming Genocide (Also listed below in Suggested Reading)

It is a moot point whether you read his comment or my essay first or last, as our outlooks are probably ninety, perhaps ninety five percent in agreement. Those small differences I shall mention below.

Bear in mind that my friend lives in England which is rapidly being overrun by immigrating Muslims, while I, living in Southern California have only seen one woman wearing a Burqa, and quite honestly my feelings on that occasion were a mixture of both pity and contempt. Paul, on the other hand sees this on a regular basis and is far more aware of an imminent danger from Islam, while I see Islam as the number two danger as they are being programmed and controlled by Progressives who seek absolute power, and plan to gain it via an Islamic uprising throughout the Western nations. Once free men accept Progressive rule, the Muslims among us will be eliminated or forced back to their deserts. 

Paul's comment:

Hi Danny,
The left will champion any group of down troddens or put aprons that they can then later call upon to repay the favour.

Islam has managed to survive over 1400 years. It has been more evil to its own than anything else that we know of in history, and it has not allowed its original texts (written long after Muhammad died) to change. What it said 13/1400 years ago it says now.

So off to the 21st century for us, but still in the 7th century for 1.5 billion people. Although many Islamic countries have all the trappings of a modern world, the people that live in these countries mainly live without. As they always have.

What we have is a very backward people, people who some how manage to keep going. They do somehow feed themselves, and they do manage to keep the faith that treats them so bad. If the power went off in Europe or America I wonder how well those populations would get on, once their stores of food and water have run out. 

The Islamic culture is anti human, its teachings are vile, but its people know hardship. Death means little to most of them. 

Yes I believe the progressives have used Islam as a tool for their own designs, but Islam doesn't know that. The bulk of its followers will just carry on following. The new breed of well educated well funded jihadis, and Imams wants to win this war. They are placing their pawns in the towns, cities, and places of power around the world.

Will we just be able to starve them out, or bomb them into submission? We certainly have the means to win any real war against any of them. Even Pakistan with her nukes wouldn't pose much of a threat. Providing it didn't start a much wider conflict with other nuclear powers. 

What country would we attack though, Islam isn't a country.
And even if we bombed the middle east north and central Africa Indonesia and Pakistan, would the followers of Muhhamad know to stop blowing up our planes, trains and buildings. Would the world even be livable after such a conflict. 

One things for sure the population would certainly take a tumble. But it wouldn't only be the people of Islam that starved, and there's no reason to believe they would see any of that as a loss anywhy. 

I don't believe Islam will be put in its box quite so easy. But I don't think that's the plan. I've always believed the world can't maintain this level of population growth. Allowing billions to die seems more like the plan.

I think they will throw the coin in the air and see where it lands. As long as they've prepared somewhere safe (long term) to hide out they'll be happy to let the rest of the people slug it out. 

I don't think the west has the ability to destroy Islam. We haven't been able to get rid of socialism.

There are still many battles to come. People need energy, food, and water. They will fight over those things, and they will certainly fight if Allah has commanded them to. 

It has been suggested that over the next 30 years 70% of the worlds population increase will come from Islamic nations.

The Russian Army is already 30% Muslim, most countries now have a multitude of Mosques, or command centres as they should be known, and the west is engaged in a battle between its own left and right factions. 

There will be very little to fight back the Muslim hordes if push comes to shove.

Even if the west does push back Islam. The price will be enormous. I think its a price we are unable to pay. 

My open letter to Paul:

My friend, I am pleased that we agree on so many points in regard to the Progressive and Islamic dangers we face, and disagree on so few.

Your comment about our living in the 21st century while Islam remains in the 7th while still having some of the trappings of our civilization brings to mind a photo I saw many years ago. It was probably in National Geographic but I remember a picture of an Arab on a camel with numerous plastic bottles of water and a transistor radio in days when they were still quite large.

They are stuck in time and that is a fate they hope to spread worldwide, and regarding your closing line, "Even if the west does push back Islam. The price will be enormous. I think its a price we are unable to pay."  That, I believe, is a price we will be forced pay, if Progressivism triumphs. 

In my original essay I wrote of a genocide that the Progressives will enact upon Islam but meant it to describe ridding them from our nations once their purpose has been served. As for the Middle East, there is no need for the West to bomb them into the Stone Age, they already live there. I see the Middle East as a quarantine site. Push them back to their deserts and let them wallow in their own misery and ignorance.

As for our 'battle' with Islam, I see it being fought in our own streets by military personnel directed by Progressives. It will be ruthless and thorough. The left does not wish to become Muslims and they are quite aware that Islam is a ticking time bomb, and they plan to utilize that bomb against free people everywhere in their quest to create a 1984 world. Once accomplished, Islam will be of no further use, and will be purged from the Progressive nations.

Paul, you bring up a point that many do not even want to think about and that is population growth and how that population will be rapidly diminished. You envision the death of billions and I concur.

I've always believed the world can't maintain this level of population growth. Allowing billions to die seems more like the plan.

You further add:

"It has been suggested that over the next 30 years 70% of the worlds population increase will come from Islamic nations."

Scary thought is it not? I checked on that and found this:

From Emirates 24/7...
Muslim Population Growth Faster Than Global Rate

And, I would venture to say that the other 30% increase will be from the Latinos who are pouring across our southern border every day.

Again, calling to mind your comment:
I've always believed the world can't maintain this level of population growth. Allowing billions to die seems more like the plan.

Sadly, I must agree.

The simple fact of the matter is that the population of the civilized productive people of the world is in decline, while the non-productive and ignorant are multiplying like vermin, and the world is unable to feed those who currently occupy its surface. Starvation is already rampant and increasing across Africa and parts of Asia, and so as a result we have the New World Order, and their master plan to alleviate the problem.

I find myself to be in a most awkward situation, acknowledging the suicidal results of inaction, agreeing with the proponents of the NWO that something must be done immediately, while disagreeing with their tactics, and yet having no better solution than what they advocate. The population of the Earth must be drastically reduced. It is such a shame that war and starvation is the only means by which this can be accomplished, but the simple fact of the matter is that most of humanity is hopelessly irresponsible.

The ultimate irony of the situation is that when projections of the population explosion were released in the sixties, most of the civilized people of the world took heed and acted accordingly, thus doing their share to reduce the danger and allowing their native populations to decline in number. The problem is that many refuse to do so, and consequently our planet suffers a burgeoning population, a population of the ignorant that is spilling across the borders of civilized nations. 

We lack the means to feed all of this world's hungry and thus a great culling, i.e.: war and famine, seems the only answer to curtail the unregulated growth of the irresponsible. 

And so we, who have enjoyed freedom and taken our responsibilities seriously, are in danger of being enslaved so that a NWO with total power can forcefully reduce the Earth's population to a manageable number. This two minute video from Glenn Beck, with whom I totally agree. indicates that the Marxist agenda here in the U.S. is willing to eliminate millions of us, allowing their plan to continue.

One other topic you mention that merits note is:
The Russian Army is already 30% Muslim, most countries now have a multitude of Mosques, or command centres as they should be known, and the west is engaged in a battle between its own left and right factions.

Oddly enough, when I write of the West, I now include Russia. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has begun to embrace capitalism while we are becoming much more socialistic. Nonetheless, Moscow has long been known for being ruthless when it was to their benefit. At the moment, they are using/tolerating Islam, but when the signal is given, watch for that to change drastically.

Unless a soldier is in combat, the vast majority of the time he is unarmed, and clearing Muslims from the military will not prove to be a problem. Then will begin the drive to totally expel Muslims from Russia, driving the survivors south.

Once Islam has been purged from civilized nations and forced back to the Middle East and Africa, they will be left to their own resources and confronted only if they try to emerge, and so mass starvation will commence. And yes, as you indicated, the people of Europe, deprived of their trappings of civilization shall too face famine and death, as will many in the U.S. and U.K..

Needless to say, at some point during the 'readjustment' imposed by the NWO, nuclear weapons will be used, leaving vast waste lands scattered across the globe. Such is the price that our elite demands be paid for humanity's reckless behavior. They seek the absolute power to shape mankind's future. That power, if and when it occurs, will be the end of the concept of freedom.

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Soothsayer said...

Danny, you can publish my name as being in agreement with Paul’s comment.
Those that Islam calls its own were forced into submission and subsequently completely absorbed into it. It all began with one man and a little band of nasties. Being at a primitive level the Islamic way of life is more likely to survive than cultures that depend heavily on technology. Islam is a country, it is a vast empire, it is everything that we in the West regard as unifying and as giving us an identity. Despite their internal differences Islam is the identity of a Muslim. The only way to defend ourselves against Islam is to deny Muslims entry to our nations.
The more harm you do to a fanatic(Islam) the stronger is his resolve.
Quite rightly, the greatest problem the world faces, besides Islam, is overpopulation.
I agree with you both that the future does look gloomy.
Philip Smeeton.

Paul Collings said...

Hi Danny,

As you say our agreement on this subject is as complete as can be, any difference comes for our differeing experience in our own countries.

Europe having an open door to the islamic world, maybe gives us a slightly different view of how it will work out as opposed to the final outcome, which i think we all agree on.

We are as we know staggering from one crisis to another, with Banks printing the money to help maintain the chaos.

As many people have noted through the ages 'it's just a matter of time'.

Thankyou Soothsayer for your comment.

Judge Bob said...

I want to point out some statistics that refute the notion of a necessity to reduce the population explosion. Right now the world population could comfortably be housed in an area the size of Texas. The only reason food and commodities are scarce anywhere is war and lack of free exchange. Other than that your analysis are very thorough. Now I would add some biblical prophetic information. This war against Islamic terrorists will be won by the West albeit with great difficulty. The Progressives may use the conflict to advance their power, but their eugenics will not end with the war. Don't fall into their fallacy of belief in centralized control as any form of benefit to the world.

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