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Danny Jeffrey


October 19, 2013
Utopia is a dream, a lure, a baited trap, lying in wait for the gullible. Sadly, the gullible also vote, and they are voting away our future. Progressives promise Utopia, and liberals believe in it, while we know it to be a meaningless pipe dream.

Lately my writing has taken an unusual slant. I once felt like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, but recently my efforts have been more interactive with my readers as I endeavor to bring some of their thoughts into reality. My most recent essay as well as this one fall into that category. That last article was entitled ''Witches' And 'Racists'. The Odd Connection.' It was based on a reader's premise that there exists a connection between the Middle Age practice of calling a woman a witch, thus leading to her demise, bearing much in common with the Progressive agenda of calling a conservative a 'racist' when that Progressive cannot refute the evidence put before him.

In that last essay I put forth the concept that the old adage, 'The truth shall set you free.' does not apply, for Progressives choosing to deal in deception are always ready to refute any given truth with an accusation of racism. One astute reader left the following comment to that essay, and suggested a course of action. That course of action has led to the essay you are now reading. Let us call it an 'affirmative' action, on the part of those who still cherish freedom. Paul wrote:

I'm not sure liberals want to know the truth. believing in an imaginary utopia is far easier to deal with than any truth. 
The American dream was something you had to work for to achieve, the progressive dream requires no work at all, (for them) just the ability to destroy. 
Calling someone a racist requires no effort from the accuser. 
As you say Conservatives go to 'debate' liberals. No liberal has any intention of debating a conservative,a liberal just wants to 'defeat' a conservative. 
So the best thing to do would be to turn up, then tell everyone you will not sit down to a debate with these racist's, get up and walk out. Or in other words, the time for civilized debate is over. 

Now reread that last paragraph and I shall suggest how to put it into practice.

The key to survival is being able to identify your enemy. That is easy when it comes to Democrats. It goes without saying that the Democratic Party is involved in the destruction of all we hold dear. The RINO is far more dangerous as he or she walks among us uttering those soothing platitudes we hope to hear, and then sides with our known enemies on the issues are leading to the ruin of this nation.

How would you like to knock the wind out of their sails?

There is a way!

From Huffington Post...
Robert Small, Maryland Parent, Arrested At School Meeting After Questioning Common Core(Video)

I believe that my readers are some of the best informed people in this country and most are probably quite familiar with the above incident. As you know, the man simply asked a civil question and expected an honest answer. He did not get an answer, instead he was arrested. Later all charges were naturally dropped as he should not have been arrested in the first place.

That incident not only reveals the growing willingness to abuse authority by the powers that be; it also reveals the spinelessness of so many Americans. What if... What if the other people in that room had gotten up and walked out? That would have shown a resolve on the part of our fellow citizens to stand up for what is right. Well they didn't stand up and they didn't walk out. Chalk up a victory for the Progressives.

Again what if...What if they HAD all gotten up and quietly walked out? It would have begun to show our collective enemies that we are mad and hell and not going to take it any more.

American conservatives lack initiative and worse still, they lack leaders. You can become a leader. Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop posting the latest bad news to your wall and doing nothing to stop it. Act!

And now another What if...(Effective only if you have conservative friends who will back you) What if there is such a meeting promoting the Progressive agenda or a RINO scheduling a town hall meeting to blow some more smoke, and before that meeting you discuss an agenda with your conservative friends. Progressives are famous for showmanship and disrupting a meeting. Stoop not to their disruptive level, but do employ some showmanship. It works wonders with the press.

About the time that the B.S. starts getting deep you need to stand up and state loudly enough for all to hear, "I am not going to sit here and listen to any more lies." and head for the door. Again: Showmanship. It would not be good for everyone to stand at once and follow. It would look too organized. Let one more leave, then two, then three, and make it look like it is a spontaneous disgust with the speaker and a spirit of unity on the part of our people. Such a happening would be one we could chalk up for freedom, and I will guarantee you this: It will make the news, because you and about a dozen of your friends are going to contact the local news and tell them exactly what happened.

I will guarantee you something else. The trend would spread.

Americans love a winner. Just look at the recent protests at our closed monuments and the way those protests grew. Some small town in Iowa, or Texas, or Ohio, can begin a walk out protest against Progressive agendas and RINOs, and you can be the one who began the walk outs.

That man who was arrested at the Common Core school meeting proves the validity of the comment I posted above as well as the validity of the title of this essay. That man tried to debate a point he thought important, and was arrested for having an opinion. "The time for civilized debate is over!" Forget debating! Forget asking questions! Progressives will not debate. They dictate and they attack! Meet them head on and crush them. They will not deal with the truth. Let them deal with an empty town hall, and people who will no longer listen to their rhetoric and lies. 

Go boldly, and go with purpose, to such meetings, and then refuse to listen. Walk out, and take most, if not all, of the audience with you. That WILL get their attention, and it will put a new weapon into the hands of America. Actors and politicians cannot exist without an audience. Deprive them of their prize.

Surely you have seen a fish out of water. Helpless, confused, flopping about in desperation, gasping for oxygen. That would be the fate of a politician looking across an empty hall, abandoned by those who he expects to reelect him, left alone by those he has betrayed, shunned by those he cannot live without. Politics has long been a dirty game and I am not advocating that you stoop to their level, only that you show them that they must come up to our level or they are history.


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Paul Collings said...

The left have be held accout for their actions, and the only way that will happen is if people look at them.
People who are considered right wing are just people who are not left wing.
People who are not left wing want an end to Female Genital mutilation. People who are not left want equal rights for women and children. People who are not left want a world that works without the need for a huge govenment that takes control of everyones lives.
After a debate between a socialist and a conservative, the public are left believing then consevative is a baby killing two headed monster.
Its time to stop being polite.
We know the socialist's cannot defend their policy's, thats why they don't defend them, they blame the consevatives for them!!
As you say Danny, they need an Audience, but they prefer a Audience with that comtains people they can point a finger at. Not an Audience that points at them, then walks out.

Paul Collings said...

Pardon my spelling mistakes.