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Danny Jeffrey


Saul Alinsky
October 18, 2013
More and more I find my writing influenced by a group of associates in the UK, often by an article that one has posted, a simple observation made, or perhaps a forlorn cry in the wilderness. The following effort I shall dedicate to a gentleman known simply as Joe, due to a revelation he authored. When I first read his comment, quite honestly giving it no more than a cursory nod of my head, as I agreed with his viewpoint, and then moved on to other things. In retrospect my cursory nod did the man an injustice as what he suggested was really quite profound and worthy of further research, and dissemination. 

I have no doubt that all of my readers are well aware of Saul Alinsky's role in what has happened to our nation and I shall lean heavily on his eleventh rule for radicals as I explore my friend's thoughts. Rule eleven reads: "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside."

My friends thoughts are "The accusation of "racist" in our society functions like that of "witch" in the Middle Ages. The only way to prove you were not a witch was to admit it and denounce others as witches. I have been pushing this comparison for months. Unfortunately, it has not taken off.

Well Joe, it is time for your comparison to take off, as you have hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head.

The accusation of racism is a double edged sword against which there is no viable defense as it is virtually impossible to prove a negative, and that takes us back to Saul Alinsky, as this is exactly what he had in mind as an attack mechanism against which you cannot defend.

Racism and witchcraft share two common bonds; the first being that both are based on the very shaky foundation of ignorance, and the second is that there is absolutely no way that you can prove, beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, that you are neither.

Sad to say the burning of witches did not end in the Middle Ages. If you believe that the human race has matured enough to dismiss any serious belief in witches you are sadly mistaken.

From The Huffington Post...Dated February 9, 2013
Accused 'Witch' Kepari Leniata Burned Alive By Mob In Papua New Guinea

Ignorance is alive and well.

Granted, The United States and England are not New Guinea, but ignorance is still widespread, and those who follow in the path that fools tread readily accept a non reality when the term 'racist' is attached to the name of any politician or community leader who is under attack by his Progressives enemies.

About six months ago I received a call from a cousin that I haven't seen in nearly fifty years. The conversation soon turned to Barrack Obama, of whom she is a strong supporter. When I expressed my dim views of the man the first thing she asked was, "Are you a racist?" Well I am not, but I can't prove it. As stated above, it is impossible to prove a negative. I suggested that she should visit my website to learn more of my thoughts. I haven't heard from her since. Oh well.

One term that I truly despise is 'reverse racism'. Racism is racism no matter what the skin color of those who hate. If a white man hates black people then he is a racist. By the same token if a black man hates white people then he too is a racist. Not so says the Progressives as they justify his hatred on the grounds of 'reverse racism', poverty, lack of education, and a host of other reasons. 

That holds true not only here with blacks and whites but in England as well with whites and the followers of Islam, and Islam is not a race, but those who disagree with the principles and practices taught in the Qur'an are branded as racists. Saying that a white Englishman is anti-Islamic is not enough. Call a man anti-Islamic, or anti-Nazi, or anti-Communist, and there are moral and political issues that can be discussed. Using Alinsky's tactics and calling someone a racist has far more impact. Add to that the mental derangement syndrome of Islamophobia, and have the liberal media call him a far right extremist. Now the victim is backed into a corner from which there is no escape.

One of the tests of witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts in the seventeenth century was to weight the suspected witch down with rocks and throw her into deep water. If she floated she was a witch and would be hanged. If she didn't float then one might surmise that she was innocent, but dead. The only solution was to join the accusers and make certain that the finger was pointed at anyone but you.

Today, people are just as stupid. It matters not that black men like Allen West, Thomas Sowell, or Doctor Ben Carson also disagree with Obama goals for this nation. They cannot very well be called racists, but the Progressives can call them Uncle Toms, or Oreos, and accuse them of being traitors to their own race. No black man is allowed to deviate in any way from the Progressive black agenda. If he chooses to think for himself then he too must endure the wrath of the followers of Alinsky.

Racism against black people does indeed exist and it is mostly from
the Progressives who are using them to further their own agenda. They advocate lower expectations for blacks. Lower the bar to make it easier for them. Establish quotas and easier aptitude tests. Encourage them to drop out and become wards of the state. That is racism pure and simple. It is what they practice while accusing us of it. No bar was lowered for the Tuskegee Airmen who flew the most sophisticated fighter plane of WWII and white bomber crews just loved seeing those red tailed P-51s flying formation with them. Not one of our bombers were lost due to enemy fighter planes while the Tuskegee Airmen were on the job.

In younger days I served in the 101st Airborne with some of the finest soldiers this nation had to offer and many of them were black, and the bar was not lowered for them. Any that wore those jump wings deserved to be there every bit as much as I did. They served with distinction and they served with pride.

I recall a phrase I first heard as a child: "The truth shall set you free." That is simply not the case. The truth did nothing for the women accused of being witches in Europe and Massachusetts, nor does it do anything for us today. We are losing to those who march under the banner of conquest at any cost. Truth, it has been said, is the first casualty of any war, and let there be no doubt, the Progressives have declared war. Most liberals are not smart enough to understand what is taking place. They are just along for the ride.

I am somewhat bemused by conservative friends who debate liberals as it is an exercise in futility. My friends march cheerfully into the fray armed with the truth and confident of victory. The simple fact of the matter is that liberals, and especially Progressives, are not interested in the truth. 

Present the truth and they will call you an extremist. Express concern about our financial crisis and they will call you an alarmist. Criticize the Democratic Party and they will call you a Fascist. Question the motives of Obama and they will call you a racist. Advocate for the Tea Party and they will call you a terrorist. As stated, truth matters not, and it most certainly will not set you free. 

Progressives and/or Liberals cannot win an honest debate because we do have truth on our side, so they will always resort to Alinsky's attack plan and accuse you of something that you cannot disprove because you cannot prove a negative. Saul Alinsky was a diabolical genius and even his moronic followers can always win a shouting match by following his eleventh rule.

My English friend managed to make a quantum leap across many centuries bridging the link between the ignorance that existed in the Middle Ages and the ignorance that is still with us in the twenty first century. Unfounded accusations of things that could not be disproven were effective then in eliminating someone for whatever reason the accuser harbored, and today a different variety of unfounded accusations are equally effective, perhaps more so as we now have the mass media with which to spread this vile hatred of honest men and women.

This essay will no doubt be read by a minimum of several hundred people, and quite possibly by several thousand, but I can only express so much in a brief essay. I would love to see Glenn Beck connect the dots between the 'witches' of centuries gone by and the 'racists' of today. We shall never rid the world of ignorance but it would be nice to see some of it brought into the light of day, and none could do that better than Glenn Beck.

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The above is an eight minute video that is so factual and so very funny.


Alan Lake said...

"I am somewhat bemused by conservative friends who debate liberals as it is an exercise in futility. My friends march cheerfully into the fray armed with the truth and confident of victory. The simple fact of the matter is that liberals, and especially Progressives, are not interested in the truth."

So true.

Paul Collings said...

I'm not sure liberals want to know the truth. believing in an imaginary utopia is far easier to deal with than any truth.
The American dream was something you had to work for to achive, the progressive dream requires no work at all, (for them) just the ability to destroy.
Calling someone a racist requires no effort from the accuser.
As you say Conservatives go to 'debate' liberals. No liberal has any intention of debating a conservative,a liberal just wants to 'defeat' a conservative.
So the best thing to do would be to turn up, then tell everyone you will not sit down to a debate with these racist's, get up and walk out. Or in other words, the time for civilised debate is over.

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