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Danny Jeffrey


November 2, 2013
How many times have you seen the phrase "Freedom Is Not Free" posted on the internet. I would venture to say that the number isn't small. That leads me to two conclusions, one being the many Americans who post and read this are well aware of the truth contained in those four words. The second conclusion is that they, themselves, are, so far, unwilling to pay the price required to be free; and so we continue down the yellow brick road to a Progressive utopia, posting and texting all the way.

I am tired; running on empty you might say, and I had no intention of writing today. An article posted by a friend changed that,(Hat tip to L.B.)and so once again I have returned to my keyboard in an effort to light a fire under the collective posteriors of America's remaining patriots.

I have an advantage that many lack, in that I am retired and able to devote more time to research than most. Consequently I have come to believe that I have a better grasp on the Progressive agenda than many of my fellow patriots and write to pass on my conclusions to those who wish to see them, and let me assure you that I appreciate them one and all.

Most concerned conservatives are well aware of Obama's intentions to launch a gun grab. I too am concerned but do not fear that the danger is imminent, and there is a good reason to believe this. I am totally convinced that if tomorrow's headlines gave us just thirty days for all American to turn in all personally owned firearms, the military would rise to the occasion and overthrow the wannabe dictator. That wannabe dictator knows this as well as I do, and so he will not act until the military is neutered, demoralized, and destroyed.

Obama fears not Congress nor the courts. He bypasses their puny efforts and blames them when things go wrong. He fears not the media, as they support the Progressive agenda. He fears not elections as he controls the voting machines, as we witnessed in 2012. He fears not the electorate as they are but sheep following their savior.  He fears not conservative bloggers as his administration monitors our every key stroke, and we all have targets on our backs, and he knows where we live. He does, however, fear armed Americans, but not enough to change his path. For that matter he goads them, as evidenced by the recent 'shut down' and the spectacles that took place at our national parks and monuments. The one thing he truly fears is the military and he is taking it apart one piece at a time.

Any who have never served in the military would not understand, but I will state for the record that those who serve together and face danger together develops a bond that is much different from, but every bit equal to, the feelings of love that exists between a husband and wife. Soldiers do not say "I love you" to each other, at least not before Obama began his homosexual push, but they show it through their actions and what they are willing to risk on a friend's behalf.

Did you see "Band of Brothers'? If so, recall the scene in Bastogne when the 506th came under artillery attack. There was no safe place, but the safest place was at the bottom of your foxhole. At one point Joe Toye known as 'The toughest of the tough' was caught in the open when the shelling started, and had a leg blown off. Bill Guarnere, known as 'A natural killer', abandoned the relative safety of his foxhole, crossing open ground in the effort to drag his friend to safety. The next round took off Guarnere's leg.

Joe Toye had four Purple Hearts and Bill Guarnere two. An oddity 
about those two men, and many others of the 506th, is that prior to losing a leg they had both been wounded and went AWOL from the hospital to get back to their unit. 

These men fought for the U.S. but more than that, they fought for each other. The image to the right is of Bill Guarnere recently visiting his friends in Europe. Such men could not, and would not, serve under Barrack Hussein Obama. The photo has a title. It is 'I'll be seeing you'. He walks among the dead and recalls the living.

This is the sort of heritage that Obama is trying to destroy, and he is doing it in small subtle increments. The Progressives know what he is doing; while the liberals are too stupid to care.

The military thrives on pride, loyalty, patriotism, and heritage. Strip away those traits that give birth to courage and you neuter the military. The image at the top of this page is the Navy Jack patch that the Seals wear. They have now been ordered to discontinue that heritage.

This from Fox News...
Navy Seals Ordered To Remove 'Don't Tread On Me' Navy Jack From Their Uniform

Why? What difference does that patch make to a man who resides in the Oval Office? What difference does it make what kind of hat the Marines wear? Why does Obama want women serving in combat knowing that few are capable of carrying the heavy load of equipment required to survive? Why is the homosexual agenda being forced on the military? Why is the Pentagon teaching that white men have an unfair advantage in the armed forces? Why has 'sequestration' crippled the effectiveness of our fighting men while we bolster the military capabilities of Muslim nations? Why are Christian churches being identified as radical organizations and Chaplains are being disciplined for doing their job? Why did Obama strip four flag officers of command in 2012 and twelve, so far, in 2013?

The answer to all of the above questions is that Hussein of the White House is hell bent on destroying America's military might, and that works best from the ground up. And that leads to another 'Why". The answer to that is that he fears a coup and his tactics are striking fear in other flag officers who are nearing retirement age. His goal is to keep them submissive until 2016.

Actually I do not believe that such a coup will occur until millions of Americans take to the street in protest as did the Egyptian people. Their protest signaled the Egypt's military that they had had enough and were going to change things, one way or the other. Until we the people act, the military dare not, with the Senate and courts aligned with the Progressive agenda. I have no doubt that the military will indeed act when, and if, enough Americans show support for them and announce that they too have had enough.

The title of this effort is about heritage. The subject matter deals with the same topic. We, as a people, are nothing without our heritage, nor is the military. I am sixty nine years old but still recall with pride that in younger days I wore that beautiful Screaming Eagle on my shoulder, as did the men of Bastogne. There is not a cold night that goes by that I do not think of those men and wish that somehow I could send my warm dinner and electric blanket across the years to one of them.

They paid dearly for the freedom that we are allowing to slip away.

Yes, freedom is not free, but the question is what are you willing to pay for it? Would you huddle in a foxhole in sub zero weather; lose a leg, lose your life, or join millions of angry patriots in the streets of America?

So many today are worried that they are going to lose their freedom and they look to someone else to save them. People, the last time I looked we were terribly short on messiahs, and so it is up to us, the people, to initiate events that will undoubtedly get bloody. Until the military knows that enough Americans still care, they will do nothing.

I look to one man and regard him to be the barometer of America's outlook. A year ago he was purely advocating peaceful protest. Now he says that "every red blooded Americans should be rioting", and that our military needs to address the domestic enemy in Washington. 

They just need to be inspired.

I give you Wild Bill for America with "Kicking the Tiger'.

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whteshark said...

The military is already undergoing Obama's progressive transformation. It will cease to be a fighting force and instead be a domestic force that answers to the progressive socialists while enforcing their agenda.

It's already happening. Obama has been busy purging generals and white Christian males need not apply. He's creating a new military--a politicized military.

In a few years our enemies will no longer fear this country's power but the people will.

Anonymous said...

Americans, I mean the real red-blooded work for our money Americans, will at some point have enough. Here's the problem. Right now we have jobs and families and car payments and mortgage payments and kids’ college to pay for... What we don't have is the luxury to forsake our responsibilities and throw down. We would like to, some of us even yearn for the fight. But the way things stand now our responsibilities outweigh our desire to fight.

One day we will get pushed too far, our retirement accounts will be confiscated in the name of the common good. All our years of hard work won't matter anymore, or maybe they will think they really can take our weapons... At one point our Rights will be just a little too stepped on.

At that point, the point where we have nothing to lose, we will fight, and I have faith the real, red-blooded American people will only tolerate so much of the socialist-communist agenda.

That point is when it affects more of us than it doesn't, in an in-your-face way that can't be ignored or blown off as "it really doesn't have anything to do with me" attitude.

Some of are waiting, no, longing for that day.

I’m not paranoid, just ready, I own a gun… come and get it.

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