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Danny Jeffrey


Hitler also made great promises

"Can you imagine the turmoil were something like that ever to happen?"
Hat tip to MB.

Many of my essays have been the result of internet conversations, and this one falls into that category. It sprang out of the topic of the Bread and Circus that the American public is being treated to, and the reactions of our military leaders as they run scared before Obama's hit and run Chicago tactics. From that exchange emerged the idea of this essay and a bloodless alternative to what we now face.


Major Dick Winters  Easy Company

A great deal of time and money has been spent on the study of how long can a man endure combat conditions and remain mentally intact and capable of continuing the fight. We all have limits and combat is surely the most hellish condition that exists on the face of this planet. A few weeks, a month, a few months of unrelenting stress and the best of men begin to break.

Most have seen Band Of Brothers by now and in it there was one particular scene when Easy Company was in Bastogne. The series showed one officer, helmet in hand, just standing there. Then the helmet dropped from his hand, and there stood, a broken man; a victim of stress, worry, fear, and the loss of men who had served under his command. War is hell, and sometimes so is peace.


Many can find numerous reasons to find fault with George W. Bush. In my mind his greatest failing is that he set America up for a great fall with his now famous, "Islam is a religion of peace" comment. While Bush had many detractors there were also millions of our citizens who trusted him and took those words to heart.

That speech was given while the burned and crushed remains of three thousand Americans still lie beneath two massive twisted mountains of rubble in New York City, brought down by nineteen dedicated Islamists who were anything but peaceful. That speech was designed to protect Muslims from angry Americans, and it worked. America's righteous anger was misdirected, and we are still paying the price for that today.


Planned to fit blades to front of truck for mass murder

One would tend to think that our Progressive politicians would at least be tried and convicted of accessory to murder and conspiracy to overthrow the government, if not treason, but this is not happening. The fact of the matter is they go their merry way, seeking votes, promoting multiculturalism, and getting reelected, forever ensconced in a position of authority and wealth as the followers of Allah grow ever stronger about us.


Yesterday I wrote an essay entitled "This Is A Crock ... And It Makes Me Mad". Lately I have been encountering a tsunami of hoaxes and it appeared that I had found yet another, a very elaborate one. The reason for my anger was that it seemed to ridicule the military, the only branch of the federal government that I still respect. My essay was an answer to it. This morning I received an Email from the author assuring me that it was not a hoax but an effort at humor/sarcasm that I had not properly grasped and that there had been no harm meant. Consequently, I have deleted my essay from yesterday and this is the official retraction.