FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Many, if asked what is our first line of defense, would quite naturally say that it is the military. They would be mistaken. In fact the military is well down the list. The very first line of defense against any hostile foreign nation is our highly secretive intelligence community, namely the Central Intelligence Agency, and by default the CIA Director is the first line of defense. Considering this reality it should come as no surprise that this nation lies in harm's way.

Relying on the CIA is somewhat akin to playing poker with the devil while allowing him to deal, as their agenda and loyalties sometimes comes into question when one considers what is best for America.


Depending on how just many Americans are willing to risk everything for liberty, this nation is about to embark on one of two courses: Liberty and individual rights will find a rebirth after the loss of millions of lives, or ... a new age of darkness shall descend upon Lady Liberty and many more millions will be lost, with Glenn Beck being one of the first casualties.

If you are reading this then in all likelihood you are one of so very many who have been trying to wake America up. Look at the man in the image above. He has stirred more from their slumber than any of us can ever even hope to imagine, and that gallant effort has taken a tragic toll on him.