FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


In war truth is the first casualty 

"Global Tensions", how often we read that term. It, or some such similar phrase, was equally as common prior to both the First and Second World Wars. Everyone could feel the winds of war and yet most chose to ignore the reality before them, hoping that the inevitable would simply go away. The inevitable never just goes away, and it has the most annoying habit of taking the foolishly hopeful totally by surprise. 

No one is ever totally prepared for war and its horrors, but those with the wisdom to anticipate what is coming have a far better chance of surviving the onslaught and its aftermath.


CPAC...Then and now

Tea Party Set To Dominate CPAC 2013 
CPAC is the conservative event of the year and has come to serve as the meeting of minds to discuss the present state of conservatism and, just as importantly, the future of conservatism. The Tea Party is dominating this discussion and the agenda of the conference shows exactly that.

Now that certainly looks like some good news in light of all the bad news we have seen lately ... But is it true, and if so what does it mean to us, the patriots of America?