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Danny Jeffrey


Perhaps the title to this essay sounds somewhat arrogant. Perhaps it is, but it got your attention and this truth must be revealed.

Thousands of people have written about Benghazi, most with the same narrative and most with the same agenda; that agenda being to prove that Obama was personally involved in gunrunning to Syria, and that four men died in Benghazi due to his incompetence. Agendas have a terrible habit of inducing tunnel vision, allowing people to see nothing that falls outside of their chosen parameters. Hussein Obama is a master of smoke and mirrors and he loves being accused of gunrunning to Syria for as long as people waste time trying to prove that non existent connection they will never learn the real truth about Benghazi.


Do you know how to deal with a bully? When he is in your face making his threats and telling you what he is going to do to you, kick him really hard in the shin. I guarantee you that he will double over in severe pain. That is when you grab the back of his head and shove it hard into your upcoming knee. Then while he is holding his face that has been turned into a bloody pulp you lean back slightly and kick him in the head, and when he falls you kick him a few more times for good measure. He will bully you no more! And that is how we should have treated North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela long ago.


I no longer watch TV. I can learn much more, much faster on the internet, but there was a time when I did watch some of the educational programming that was available. I recall one story in particular on National Geographic about an Arctic fox. She was a beautiful creature doing her very best to feed her latest litter in a year when food was scarce to non existent. She lost the battle. She was starving, her young were starving, and there was no way this valiant little lady could feed them, and so she did what nature dictated. She abandoned them to their fate and left them to die.