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Danny Jeffrey


Margaret Thatcher: "The Iron Lady"

Obama's most recent assault on America's dignity took the form of once again offending the UK, and sadly most of our citizens didn't even notice. With each passing day my opinion of a large segment of our population degrades, but as my respect for so many of my fellow American weakens, my resolve to oppose their complacency and ignorance grows ever stronger.

After his first inauguration in 2009 one of Hussein Obama's first official acts was to order someone in the White House staff to pack up the bust of Sir Winston Churchill and send it back to England as it was not welcome in the Obamanation. Such a slap in the face for a nation that could perhaps be best described as our strongest ally, and that slap was but the first of many.


Many are they who deride Hussein as being grossly incompetent and disconnected from reality. They are sadly mistaken. While others may point to the fact that nothing he has done is in any way beneficial to America and therefore he is incompetent, I will use the same argument to prove that he is a man with a plan, and has not deviated one iota from that plan since assuming office; the plan being to destroy Israel and bring the U.S. to its knees. So far he has realized a greater success in his attack on our liberties than the intended destruction of one of our greatest allies, but the process does continue.