FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Anyone who knows me or has read many of my essays either knows or at least has surmised that I am spiritual but not religious, as I follow the teaching of no church. That being said, I do follow the principles laid down in our Constitution, including the Freedom of Religion.

I do not know the young man in the adjoining image, but I know a lot about him.  You see that Screaming Eagle on his shoulder. That is all that I need to know. I wore that Screaming Eagle in younger days and I will tell you something about paratroopers. Such men will give this nation their all without question, but they do not want anything taken from them, and they do not surrender. This young man finds comfort in prayer, and I find no fault with that, but I do find serious fault with any politician who feels that he has the right to deprive him of the right to worship as he sees fit.


I have long believed that Team Obama is rallying the forces that he intends to use in the final implementation of an unyielding dictatorial rule in America. Many others believe this as well and have long feared that the time was at hand. The great difference in my views and theirs is that I feel that Obama is in no hurry, actually preferring not to make his move until late 2015 or early 2016 prior to the scheduled Presidential election.


I used to love watching Star Trek, and what I liked most about it was the optimism it presented. It portrayed the human race with a future, spreading out among the stars, guaranteeing the continued existence of our species in spite of the great follies we currently exhibit. Perhaps that is asking too much as those follies grow more dangerous with each passing day.


Zuhdi Jasser is one of the most perplexing people alive. I will be the first to state that he is a good man, a good patriot, and a good American. Beyond that we enter a realm of shadows and mystery. He is liked, admired, trusted and has many time over proven his devotion to the cause of freedom and his opposition to Sharia. The shadow realm that I speak of begins with his claim to be a devout Muslim, and I simply cannot accept that statement. None of this man's views or beliefs can be equated to the horrid teachings of the Qur'an.

I have long believed that contradictions do not exist and when you encounter what seems to be a contradiction, it is time to check your premises, and so I shall: