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Danny Jeffrey


The Ruins of Detroit

In my most recent essay, The Decline And Fall Of America, I called upon the wisdom and knowledge of Edward Gibbons and his great six volume collection about the decline and fall  of the Roman empire. The similarities of what happened there and what is occurring in the present day United States is apparent to any who know even a little about history and current events. That there is a strong similitude between us and Rome is undeniable, but something is taking place today that does not fit into the decline or fall of any great nation of the past. The ruin of America has been engineered and Hussein Obama is here to deliver the death blow.


I read Edward Gibbon's "Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire" in my early twenties. That was many moons ago and needless to say I have forgotten most of it. However, I remember enough of it that I am constantly comparing events that took place then with what is transpiring today. The similarities are staggering, and so it is time to refresh my memory somewhat. I lack the time to read the entire six volumes again but thanks to the internet, finding specific points I seek is a breeze. The thing that impressed me most about Mister Gibbon's efforts was not so much his description of the historical events that occurred but his observations concerning the people of Rome, and their changing attitudes, his point being that those attitudes were why Rome declined in the first place.


There is no doubt in my mind that Sir Winston Churchill was not only one of the finest leaders of the twentieth century, he was also one of the bravest.

I am about to use two of his greatest quotes, the first to show why I am no longer concerned about stepping on someone's toes. I write in hopes of informing some and changing the minds of others. If you are unable to confront the truth you are wasting your time reading my thoughts, and time is far too precious to waste. The first of the quotes that I mentioned has had a great deal to do with how I express myself in these essays.
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."