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Danny Jeffrey


If I were to describe mankind's greatest failing it would have to be the inability to learn from history, and that is such a shame as that weakness leads the human race into making the same tragic errors over and over again. Were I to add the second greatest failing then it would most certainly have to be Blind Hope, as the people of this beautiful planet keep hoping for the best, totally ignoring the lessons of the past. It has been said that you cannot live without hope. I reject that premise. This world would be a far better place if only the author of that one destructive line of reasoning had told us that you cannot live without reason and a plan of action.


Afghanistan...A stone age people

Have you ever watched Star Trek? If so you are probably familiar with the Prime Directive that prohibits the crew of the Enterprise from interfering in the development of a primitive culture. Our political leaders should heed the wisdom of that concept. 

For over a decade Russia waged war in Afghanistan, eventually  bankrupting their national treasury. As they withdrew to lick their wounds, the people of that primitive nation went on with their way of life, virtually unchanged. We were well informed on Russia's mishap well in advance of launching this nation on a similar endeavor, and we now teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. When will we ever learn?


So many are comparing Watergate and Benghazi and the similarities are actually very few. No one died at Watergate. Four died and many more wounded in Benghazi. Nixon initially had nothing to do with Watergate. He only got involved in the later cover up protecting his subordinates who initiated a petty breaking and entering. Weeks prior to the attack both Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were involved in systematically removing the Ambassador's defensive shield. Watergate was purely a political SNAFU. Benghazi has produced an international crisis that has proven America to be weak in the face of her Islamic foes.