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Danny Jeffrey


Last month I wrote an essay entitled Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood. It went ballistic and within days became the most read item that I had ever written. A week later Glenn Beck did a full one hour program based on exactly what I had described of the Soros agenda empowering Mohamed ElBaradei and taking control of Egypt, the most strategically important nation in the Middle East. Now the repercussions begin to set in. The people of Islam are born with a problem; namely that their ideology is anti-life, and as long as they continue to believe as they do they are a danger to both themselves and the rest of humanity.


Once again I enter treacherous waters as I broach a subject that many will flatly denounce while others will simply refuse to consider the evidence that I put before them. Fortunately, I do not enter those waters alone, for Glenn Beck has also sounded the warning. My efforts in this cause was to collect a mountain of irrefutable evidence that many in the religious left have embraced the concept of social justice, government control, and international laws in their quest for peace and prosperity on earth and salvation in an afterlife. Before I begin my narrative please take a few minutes to read the thoughts of Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck: Liberation Theology and Social Justice.


In my early days on the internet I became the victim of two different hoaxes and learned my lesson well. Consequently, I have concluded that the vast majority of our digital media is pure junk. It is a collection of hoaxes, wishful thinking, agendas, half truths, and blatant lies, and thankfully it is sprinkled with an occasional truth. That realization, coupled with an unrelenting search for the truth has led me to become a serious researcher, accepting nothing at face value and rejecting all that cannot be substantiated.