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Danny Jeffrey


This was a church before the Muslim
Brotherhood torched it
August 22, 2013
I could care less about the color of a man's skin, his station in life, his bank account, or the car he drives. Tell me of a man's philosophy and I shall tell you of that man's worth to himself and humanity.

We all know what is meant by the term 'formative years'; oddly mine began at age twenty four when I first read one of Ayn Rand's books. Since then I have read and reread all of them and in doing so rejected most everything I was taught in what was my earlier 'formative years'. She wrote of what most parents teach their children and compared that process to a mother bird plucking all of the feathers from her offspring and then shoving them out of the nest to meet the world, totally unprepared for the reality before them. They are sent into the world lacking the most important treasure of all ... a coherent moral philosophy.


For those unfamiliar with Anne Patterson
she is the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt
August 19, 2013
Here in the Age of Obama, I have learned to take Nothing at face value and always attempt to peer beyond the veil, for we are dealing with the masters of deceit.

Yesterday I published an essay entitled 'Christians-Scapegoats of the Muslim Brotherhood, The Muslim Brotherhood-Scapegoats of the Elite'. Perhaps an unusual title, but then I was putting forth a most unusual premise. All evidence that we see today tells us that Team Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's bid to return Morsi to power. The mere fact that the evidence is so overwhelming is the very reason that I reject it, for I detect one helluva smokescreen. Now, to convince you, the reader, of my belief I must gather some facts we all know to be true.


Coptic Christian priest Mina Cheroubim, shot
 dead outside his church in response to the
Brotherhood’s ousting
August 18, 2013
Oh, how far this nation has traveled, and lately it has all been downhill. 

Everyone recalls when George W. Bush declared that this nation would never forget the horrors that occurred on 911. They also recall him declaring war on terror. Twelve years and we seem to have forgotten. Terrorism is on the rise and we find Islam planning a Million Muslim March on our Capitol, on 911 nonetheless. Perhaps most revealing of the direction we have taken is that after a mere twelve years, Egypt has put our nation on its list of terrorist sponsoring states.