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Danny Jeffrey


October 3, 2013
Many would put forth the idea that America's involvement and support of Middle Eastern terrorism is due to the fact that Obama is a Muslim supporting his fellow Muslims. I disagree! He was raised in the Muslim community and therefore knows their ways and weaknesses. He may or may not be a Muslim but lately I have begun to doubt it as I find it hard to believe that anyone with his Narcissistic delusions of grandeur could actually recognize the existence of any deity above himself.

It is my view that Obama, along with most of the other Western leaders and the militant left, are in the tank with those who promote the New World Order i.e.: Progressivism, and are using Muslims as a means to further their own agenda. When and if this goal is accomplished, Islam will be of no further use and accordingly discarded, by whatever means necessary.


Mali terrorist...Note he carries American weapons
October 2. 2013
Lately, I have been writing extensively about the Progressive/Islamic alliance and how, in time, it will go bad for Islam as they are to be used and then martyred and/or discarded by the far left agenda that is sweeping the West. This belief of mine in no way diminishes the danger we face from the militant Islamists who live among us. They are the second greatest danger we face, and for those who fall before the wrath of Islam, there will be little consolation in the fact that others will live to see the ultimate ruin of the followers of Mohammed.


September 30, 2013
The reason for the use of Churchill's photo will become apparent later in this essay, for he is my star witness.

Some people grow angry and/or frustrated, even vindictive, when others do not agree with them. Not I. This writer regards those who disagree or even partly disagree as the result of my failing to adequately express my point, and therefore a challenge to continue my quest.

I firmly believe that an Islamic Caliphate, which so many fear, will never rise again. What is truly happening is that the radical left, Progressives, communists, New World Order, or whatever you choose to call them are using Islam to further their own goal of absolute power over humanity. The flip side of that coin is that the leaders of Islam are using the Progressives(I shall stick to the one term) to further their agenda of establishing such a Caliphate, but Islam is going to come up short, for they are going to be no more than cannon fodder for those who are wiser, and more deceptive, than they.