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Danny Jeffrey


October 11, 2013
I have mentioned many other bloggers in past writings but have never singled out one for praise. Today I make an exception to that rule as lately I have become a regular reader of Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, and have just discovered an essay she wrote in 2011. Her thoughts at that time were an exact mirror image of mine, leading me to believe that she applies the same logic to a given situation that I do.

I have long been an admirer of Trevor Louden and have only recently taken a serious interest in Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, whose articles also appear in Trevor's website. I mentioned her in my most recent essay and lately I am finding that my Google searches and research just keep leading me back to her, and the most recent find is a real winner, and I shall get to that in a moment. First off, let me encourage you to visit her site, Noisy Room, appropriately subtitled 'Progressive Hunter', and Trevor's New Zeal Blog.


October 9, 2013
A few days ago Glenn Beck discussed the morphing program of nudge, shove, shoot. Now Terresa Monroe Hamilton has a further essay on the same topic in New Zeal Blog, and I am reminded of a Psychological experiment I witnessed years ago. I recall watching a program, perhaps on '60 Minutes' or some similar format. The entire program was devoted to a psychological test conducted on paid volunteers in a study to ostensibly understand why otherwise decent people could have been induced to take part in the torture tactics utilized by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.


October 6. 2013
Several days ago, a friend of mine in the U.K. informed me that he would soon be leaving a comment to some of my recent efforts regarding the existing alliance between the Progressives of the West and Islam. Yesterday that comment was posted, and I was not disappointed, as it was well thought out and expressed. Several years ago I told Paul that he should be a blogger. I maintain that view. This man thinks, and we need more like him.

As a rule I never post a reader's name, respecting the right to privacy, but since he posted his comment in one of my essays using his full name instead of 'Anonymous' as do many, the die is cast and so "Paul" it is, and the essay he chose to comment on was: 
The Left/Islamic Agenda, And A Coming Genocide (Also listed below in Suggested Reading)