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Danny Jeffrey


October 19, 2013
Utopia is a dream, a lure, a baited trap, lying in wait for the gullible. Sadly, the gullible also vote, and they are voting away our future. Progressives promise Utopia, and liberals believe in it, while we know it to be a meaningless pipe dream.

Lately my writing has taken an unusual slant. I once felt like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, but recently my efforts have been more interactive with my readers as I endeavor to bring some of their thoughts into reality. My most recent essay as well as this one fall into that category. That last article was entitled ''Witches' And 'Racists'. The Odd Connection.' It was based on a reader's premise that there exists a connection between the Middle Age practice of calling a woman a witch, thus leading to her demise, bearing much in common with the Progressive agenda of calling a conservative a 'racist' when that Progressive cannot refute the evidence put before him.


Saul Alinsky
October 18, 2013
More and more I find my writing influenced by a group of associates in the UK, often by an article that one has posted, a simple observation made, or perhaps a forlorn cry in the wilderness. The following effort I shall dedicate to a gentleman known simply as Joe, due to a revelation he authored. When I first read his comment, quite honestly giving it no more than a cursory nod of my head, as I agreed with his viewpoint, and then moved on to other things. In retrospect my cursory nod did the man an injustice as what he suggested was really quite profound and worthy of further research, and dissemination. 

I have no doubt that all of my readers are well aware of Saul Alinsky's role in what has happened to our nation and I shall lean heavily on his eleventh rule for radicals as I explore my friend's thoughts. Rule eleven reads: "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside."


October 13, 2013
Depending on your perspective, multiculturalism is either a dismal failure or an outstanding success.

It matters not what country you live in, if you are in the middle class and possess reasonable intelligence, you are well aware that multiculturalism endangers your future and the future of your entire nation. 

From The Daily Mail U.K.
Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

There you have it. Three of the world's ranking leaders have stated that the experiment in multiculturalism is a failure. One would then assume that the experiment would be terminated and the rampant immigration brought to an end. Not so, for in truth it is not an experiment, but a devious plan that will lead to world wide civil wars, a New World Order, and the enslavement of the human race by a small group of elites.