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Danny Jeffrey


I was just looking through my archives and found a rather interesting essay that I feel is worth reposting. As far as predictions go I have a rather good batting average. People have long been saying that Obama is incompetent and many are just now beginning to realize that he is indeed quite competent as being a genuine Manchurian Candidate he is intentionally destroying this nation. I noted that four years ago. However I was partly wrong on one issue. I referred to his efforts to stir up racial animosity and said that he would fail, but to a large degree, especially among young blacks, he has managed to stoke the flames of hatred. Can't be right all of the time....

Originally published May 27, 2010:

At every Tea Party rally one can see signs held high with images of Ayn Rand, various messages about Atlas Shrugging and the ever cryptic question "Who is John Galt?" Those who are acquainted with John Galt need no explanation of anything else. To those of you who are not: Finish reading this blog. Watch Glenn Beck five days a week. Devote the rest of your free time to the reading of "Atlas Shrugged." None of these three will eliminate all of our problems but will give you a better understanding of what we are facing.

Recently John Stossel appeared on Bill O'Reilly's "Factor" talking about his Ayn Rand special that was to broadcast the following day. I can only ad lib his most revealing statement as he commented about Ayn Rand having predicted fifty years ago what is happening today. John Stossel and I would get along just fine.

Many would differ with my opinion but I have no doubt that Ayn Rand was the greatest thinker of the twentieth century and her masterpiece "Atlas Shrugged" the most important piece of writing since the Constitution of the United States.

If you are fortunate enough to live in America consider yourself lucky. If you look all the way back into the recesses of time to Sumer or the early days of Egypt and work yourself forward you will not find a single civilization that has had such a high standard of morality. I did not write standard of living as that is the by product of our high standard of morality, made possible only by the freedoms we have enjoyed and have too often have taken for granted.

Today, under the Obama administration those freedoms are in serious danger and the danger is what Ayn Rand warned us about ... collectivism. Words widely used at the moment, socialism, communism, Marxism are all various stages of evil that fall under the broad terminology she used: Collectivism. It would be best defined as any political philosophy where the collective is all powerful, the individual insignificant and expendable. This is the "transformation" that is in store for you under his leadership.

For many years this evil has been growing in this country and around the world. It is like a plague slowly spreading though various societies and manifesting itself as a withering of mankind's freedoms and importance of the individual. In the sixties it was rampant here in the form of an ever growing welfare state. It was briefly brought into check but has now returned with a vengeance, ushered in by Barrack Obama's new policies for our country. Those policies spell economic ruin for America. Never in the history of the world has any nation spent so much wealth so fast, and its citizens got so little for it. Every dollar the government spends is a dollar we don't have. That is inflation because each one of those dollars further reduces the value of all dollars and the devaluation of any nation's currency is an ugly vicious cycle that never ends well.

Due to the unchecked spread of socialism throughout the cultures of the world, civilization is poised on the edge of economic collapse and every decision the President makes is hastening the day when this collapse will occur. At the moment Greece is having serious problems to be followed shortly by Spain. Both are on the verge of an economic disaster and Obama's answer is to roll the money presses. Give them more American dollars to buy but a little more time and further weaken our dollar in the process. There is an economic steam roller heading for America. The problem is so obvious to anyone that even China and Russia are warning us to mend our ways before it is too late. The greatest irony of all is that both of these long standing critics of capitalism are telling Obama that his spending habits are self destructive.

What we are facing under this man is nothing short of economic suicide. This is where Ayn Rands thinking would come in handy. With any problem her answer would be to apply reason, apply more reason, apply still more reason, and then reject everything else. At that stage you will have the answer you seek.

When I apply reason to Obama I find but two possible motives for his actions. The first, and least likely is that he is totally incompetent and does not know what needs to be done. I do not believe this scenario. The second and most plausible is that he knows exactly what he is doing and is intentionally leading us into economic ruin as part of his "transformation" efforts. Again, applying reason, I must look at the caliber of people with whom he has surrounded himself. First off they are almost all part of the Chicago political machine. Some are admitted communists, some socialist and Marxists, a few openly admit following the Maoist philosophy. All are far to the left in the political spectrum and it is dubious that anyone in his high command has any loyalty at all to this country.

He most certainly has shown where his loyalties lie. The world is facing a financial meltdown and he plays golf. Potentially the worst environmental disaster in history could be taking place right now in the Gulf of Mexico and he shoots hoops. Memorial Day approaches when the President traditionally goes to Arlington National Cemetery to honor those who have fallen in service to the Republic. He will not be able to do that as Paul McCartney is doing a concert in Chicago and Obama surely could not miss that. He celebrates Ramadan at the White House with Muslim friends but could not attend prayer breakfast as all Presidents traditionally do. I am not religious but will concede that this country was built by Christians and people of the Jewish faith. Just a little respect can go a long way but a blatant snub is not easily forgotten.

I could go on and on with such a list but it would be to no avail. The simple fact of the matter is, for the first time in history, we do not have a President. There is a man sitting in the oval office and riding in Air Force one but he has none of the qualifications we need in a President. He is a disgrace to the office, to the country, and the people who trusted and voted for him, both black and white. Many of his words and actions seem designed to stir up old racial animosity, fear, and hatred, but it isn't working. The bulk of our citizens have buried such feelings and buried is where we choose to leave them.

Looking back over history there have been many great black leaders but the two I admire most would have to be Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King. Anyone who disagrees with Obama is told to "Sit down and shut up" but those two men never sat down nor did they ever shut up for anyone. Were they both alive today I could very easily picture them side by side at the very front of a Tea Party rally in Washington holding up two signs; One with a picture of Ayn Rand, the other with the question people keep asking "WHO IS JOHN GALT?"

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