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Danny Jeffrey


Can you handle the truth? Admittedly there was a time that I had trouble with it myself, as the truth seemed so incomprehensible. To even understand that truth I had to come to terms with, and understand pure evil, for that is the force that now directs our world. I have described the experience as lifting the lid on hell and peering in. Been there - done that! Once I finally grasped the agenda it simply became a matter of connecting the dots.

Any sensible person is acutely aware of the fact that nothing that is going on makes any sense at all ... Unless you accept the premise that the destruction of our entire civilization is ultimate goal. Accept that and things begin to fall into place.

Human beings do have a limited attention span (Not being critical. That is a fact) and so I have always tried to keep my essays fairly short. The problem with short essays is that they cannot address a lengthy problem. My solution was to divide those problems into shorter subtopics and continue using my short essay format. Consequently those essays now read like chapters in a book and I have compiled them below.

That book is an ongoing project and as I add new chapters they will be appended at the end of this essay. If you find what I write to be interesting then either bookmark this article or follow my thoughts on my website Fix Bayonets.

Critics would no doubt refer to me as a conspiracy theorist. I deny that title. I am exposing conspiracy facts. All of my work is well documented from reliable sources; the deductions are purely mine, but a great many of my fellow patriots have come to agree with my findings.

The format below is of older essays posted first and newer ones appended to the end as I write.

Nuclear War! Once considered unimaginable; in fact Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was considered to be our greatest safeguard, as no reasonable nation wants nuclear war. Times have changed and Iran (Not a reasonable nation) in trying to resurrect their twelfth Imam by triggering a nuclear exchange, and the Obama/Soros agenda caters to the mullahs of Iran. I have long believed that Obama is indeed pursuing nuclear war and the evidence is provided below. 

Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part One
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Two
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Three
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Four
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Five
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Six
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Seven

We speak of the 'Good ole days'; I recall those days when I would never have believed that so many Americans would actually want communism in America. Those good ole days are gone.

Americans Want Communism Part One
Americans Want Communism Part Two
Americans Want Communism Part Three
Americans Want Communism Part Four

"It could never happen here." We have all heard it and there are still many gullible people in this nation who believe that to be true. Those who are not so gullible are well aware of the fact that the way things are going we are well on the way to a totalitarian state.

American Gulag Part One
American Gulag Part Two
American Gulag Part Three
American Gulag Part Four

Any person even dimly aware of current events knows that something is just not right. We face economic collapse and will not stop spending. Islam threatens to destroy the West, and yet all of the nations of the West have rolled out the red carpet for them. We know that the Hispanic invasion that crosses our southern border unimpeded will bring ruin to this country, and still our politicians press for amnesty and a still greater tidal wave of immigrants. Racism was hardly discussed before Obama assumed office and now we are all being called racists. If this is not a world gone mad then I do not know what is. I explore the dangers below.

In A World Gone Mad Part One
In A World Gone Mad Part Two
In A World Gone Mad Part Three
In A World Gone Mad Part Four The UK
In A World Gone Mad Part Five The Globalists
In A World Gone Mad Part Six The U.S.A.
In A World Gone Mad Part Seven Abandoning Reason
In A World Gone Mad Part Eight Soros And Puppets Inc.
In A World Gone Mad Part Nine The Assault On Morality 
In A World Gone Mad Part Ten A House Divided

Much of what I have written above has to do with George Soros and his agenda due to the fact that he and his associates have created so much of the turmoil we deal with. Earlier I mentioned lifting the lid on hell. Understanding pure unadulterated evil was a necessity in comprehending Soros and his plans for the world. He is intent on recreating the world in his image and seeing it destroyed before he dies. To this end he has become a king maker and with his NGOs has created a shadow government that already directs much of what occurs in the world today.

The World According To Soros Part One
The World According To Soros Part Two
The World According To Soros Part Three The Tides Foundation
The World According To Soros Part Four Groups And Foundations
The World According To Soros Part Five The Epitome Of Evil
The World According To Soros Part Six The Ukraine Crisis

I do not believe that the Benghazi debacle will ever be resolved. Granted many are trying to reveal the truth as it happened but the fact remains that many of those assigned to investigate it were appointed by George Soros as will be shown below.

Benghazi Reveal Part One
Benghazi Reveal Part Two
Benghazi Reveal Part Three
Benghazi Reveal Part Four

Guest Bloggers...
Paul Collings 'Oppressive Government'
Paul Collings 'Stand Where You Are Told'
Paul Collings 'Important Reply To 'The World According To Soros Part Six'

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