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Danny Jeffrey


... Then you are part of the problem.

Few who read my essays doubt the fact that we, as a free people, are in serious danger. Most of the people in the great variety of conservative groups on Facebook are convinced that they are doing their part to defend America and stand up for liberty by reposting various items that are 'shared' to their FB page. The problem with that is they seldom bother to check to see if those items are factual. Disinformation is one of the most effective tactics of the left, and any conservative who propagates that disinformation becomes a de facto agent of those who plan our destruction. Most people have done this but they need not continue the practice.

Glenn Beck, Allen West, a great many others, and I have long advocated to all "Do your research!", and yet very few do. The enemies of reason and liberty are flooding the internet with mass confusion, lies, hoaxes, and sensationalism. Anyone who spreads this disinformation, whether knowingly or otherwise, is harming America and aiding the Progressive left.

There are a variety of people involved in creating this rubbish and their motives vary. Some seek fifteen minutes of fame. Others simply want to have a good laugh on the public. With some there is a profit motive involved, and you will find massive amounts of advertising on their sites. (They get paid for every pageview) Some are the genuine crackpots that are still convinced that Elvis is alive and that we never really landed on the Moon, and then there are the professionals of the left, who gain political mileage from spreading mass confusion.

In regards to the nut job that produces a video in his Mom's basement about Sandy Hook and the Aurora massacre I can do nothing. But, I have compiled a list of hoax, sensationalist, and conspiracy web sites in the effort to rein in some of this mass confusion. You will find that link below in Suggested Reading. If you want to understand what is really going on you will also find a link of 100% reliable websites, a self updating link to a variety of news sources, as well as a link that will teach you how to be a hoax buster. 

I have spent most of the last five years writing on the internet and while admittedly there are those who disagree with my opinions and projections of future events, to date not one has disputed anything that I have put forth as a truth. That is due to the fact that, unlike most bloggers, I seek the truth and avoid sensationalism. My essays are hard hitting, to the point, and due to the fact that I do extensive research, factual.

In spite of the fact that some have referred to my writings as 'doom and gloom' my two primary sites Freedom Rings 1776 and Fix Bayonets have accumulated in excess of a quarter of a million hits. That would seem to indicate that there are a lot of gloom and doom people out there who are also well aware of the dangers we face and seek a better understanding of those dangers.

Recently a friend suggested that I am perhaps too critical of those who keep up this endless flow of distorted news and added the possibility that maybe many did not know how to disprove the half truths put before them. I pondered that possibility and agreed, and that thought has led me onto a new quest. Part of it you see before you, and part is in the works. I am in the process of creating an extensive internet library that you can access to research a great variety of topics.

Over recent years I have collected vast volumes of data and my library, when complete, will make all of that data available to you with but a few key strokes. Parts of it you will see below in Suggested Reading but that is only a very small tip of the iceberg. Within the next few weeks I shall put before you a great tool of learning; whether or not you choose to avail yourself of the opportunity is purely up to you.

Three percent! We have all heard the figure that only three percent of the colonists were actually involved in the American Revolution. To that end, many patriots today refer to themselves as 'Three Percenters'. Do you ... and if so will you willingly put more effort into learning instead of simply reposting the thoughts of those who are far more interested in deception than truth?

Another facet of that three percent concept: Are you willing to put forth three percent of the effort that I do? I am retired with few constraints on my time. Others cannot say that, and there is no way that they could hope to equal my effort, but I am asking each and all for a mere three percent. Put a little more into the endeavor, go that extra mile for liberty, the liberty your grandchildren deserve to inherit, and give America just three percent of your devotion.

We can all see what is coming, and no election, no politician, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to alter the course of history. The greatest weapon that liberty has is its patriots, and the greatest weapon that they have is knowledge. Seek it, find it, pass it on. During the Civil War it was a grand tradition to never let our flag touch the ground. If fifty men died keeping it aloft during a battle it was regarded as a price worth paying. Let the same be said about truth. Never, ever, let it fall.

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