FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Centuries ago a man named John Donne wrote a now famous poem entitled 'No Man is an Island', and while I regard myself to be a fiercely independent person I could not agree more.

I write about very serious political matters and express a dismal outlook for this nation that I have long loved. Consequently I have collected a small group of loyal readers who frequently offer feedback on my thoughts. Sometime agreeing, sometime disagreeing, and occasionally offering constructive criticism. Unlike many, I am not troubled by criticism, constructive or otherwise. At least those comments show that the person is thinking, and I can ask for no more than that.

Over the years I have developed a special kinship with some of those readers. One in particular, whom I have never met in person, and I communicate regularly with totally honesty in the thoughts we express. While we do not always agree, both of us respect the opinion of the other, and that is what has led me to write this essay. The young lady's name is Janette and in my latest effort I quoted a brief comment of hers. That essay, Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, was what most would refer to as doom and gloom, and I would be inclined to agree. I have no answers to our current state of affairs and lack any belief in any kind of political solution. 

I posted that essay in a group that Janette and I share and then added another essay by Ann Barnhardt, 'Why I Am Considering Quitting', as a comment. (Adding that neither Ms. Barnhardt nor I were about to quit ... Just frustrated at times) Then came my friend's feedback, which I feel compelled to publish; it reads:

"I understand. How does one capture the attention and the minds of people who REFUSE to hear? He doesn't worry about that aspect. True prophets never do. Oh sure they get down, but they keep preaching the message. So-o-o the prophet keeps on keeping on, in hopes that he'll reach just one soul who in turn will reach one soul etc. He applies the laws of mathematics.

Barnhardt wrote a powerful no-holds-barred essay and I am amazed by the vocabulary, keen insight and points driven home that were compiled in such short paragraphs and sentences. She drove home truth and we found ourselves unable to object because it was truth. Wow!

Now if I may offer an observation here. Anger is real. One can feel it deeply in this essay and in a couple of your latter essays. I understand. As a writer I would feel like I was beating my head against the proverbial brick wall. I know this anger ... I feel it too and your readers know and feel it. But a writer has to be cautious, for even if his message is truth, anger is a real turn-off to readers. We need that fragile thread of hope ... something we can cling to, otherwise we're left feeling as though everything is useless, futile and why carry on ...'I don't want to read any more of this stuff'. We have to present truth in a way that causes us to think and examine our own values and actions, or lack thereof and leaves us wanting to do better or at least feeling hopeful.

Now comes the dilemma and the hard part. How does one offer hope when he believes there is no hope? How does one sound the warning and present truth without alienating his readers?

Readers will not digest a steady diet of doom and gloom. It is human nature. Always give them hope. America needs hope right now.

I now await my chastisement.

PS Please don't quit ... either one of you. We need your insight."

My friend made one small error; that being her assuming that I am angry. Anger is a luxury one can ill afford while preparing for battle. Anger always results in a lack of control, another luxury I cannot afford. Nowhere did she dispute the truth that Ann Barnhardt and I put forth, suggesting only that we add some hope to our message. My reply to her was:

""I now await my chastisement." I like that; but none is due.

In my early writings I offered hope, in the form of encouraging people to think. Time has shown the wisdom of a statement by Thomas Edison who said "Five percent of the people think. Ten percent think they think. The other eighty five percent would rather die than think."

So many conservatives refer to liberals as sheep, I have come to think of the bulk of mankind as sheep, and have good company. So did Jesus.

This is why I formed this group. There is no hope...Yet. The whole system is so corrupt there is no alternative to its collapse. I cannot rally the sheep and so I try to rally the leaders; shepherds if you will. The only hope I can offer comes after the collapse when those of us who know the truth today stand out among the others. After one fashion or the other a rebuild will take place and it is up to us to direct it.

Colonel Travis, despite his many faults, was essentially an honest man. For the longest time he offered hope to his men in the belief that reinforcements would arrive. When he finally realized that those reinforcements were not coming he told them so. He told them that there was no hope and offered them a choice of trying to escape or staying there, accepting the situation, and doing what must be done.

Although many Texans would shoot me for saying this, those men were sheep. They were followers and they followed a strong and honest leader. Those sheep fought like tigers and on the thirteenth day found their way into the pages of history.

We all have a choice. Travis made his, his men made theirs, and I have made mine."

My dear Janette, Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet 'Unto thine own self be true.' I am doing exactly that, and unto those I care about I am doing the same. As for that massive herd of those who choose not to think, I cannot reach them and have consequently employed a stop loss technique. I have quit trying to reach them and regard many millions of them as future casualties of their own ignorance.

Those of them who do survive the coming holocaust will need leaders, and that is the group I address today. To lead one must have the courage to face the truth and to deliver that truth, no matter how sordid it is. Always find hope where a chance of hope exists, but when there is no hope to found, acknowledge the fact, for no hope at all is far far better than a false hope.

I have often stated that there is no political solution and stand by that statement. There is only one solution, and that is to survive the coming years, recalling what America was, and passing those memories onto posterity. They and the future are the only hope I will dare offer. Rebuild or be relegated to the pages of history ... our only choice, and our only hope.


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