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Danny Jeffrey


We are continually beset by one new disaster after another and so few even bother to notice. A few days ago it was the Bergdahl and terrorist exchange. Now it is the tidal wave of 'children' illegally crossing the border alone. Think about that for a moment and I, conspiracy theorist (as many would call me), shall put forth an idea or two for you to consider.

That sign above has long been familiar to all who live in border states. What is it telling us? That we should drive with caution as illegal immigrants with children may suddenly dart in front of our vehicle in their mad dash for a home in America. What is it telling me? That a new plan has entered the picture, or as Sherlock Holmes so often put it, "The game is afoot Watson."

I must ask why would so many thousands of Latinos suddenly decide stop trying to enter this nation illegally with children in tow, but choose instead to send the children alone, ahead of them? To find an answer to this dilemma I must once again enter those murky waters of conspiracy theories and state that those thousands of Latinos would definitely not send their children ahead of them without someone directing them to do so through a master plan.

And just who would be directing such a master plan? None other than George Soros, via the Open Society Institute, the White House, and this administration.

Americans are a caring people and give a greater portion
of their income to charity than any other nation in the world. Are you old enough to remember the original Care Packages? Europe was a shambles after WWII and their people were facing starvation. The people of this nation came together and alleviated much of their suffering and gave them time to rebuild.

Yes, Americans are quite famous for their generosity toward those less fortunate and that generosity has been turned into a weapon that is being used against us. The liberal left, progressives, and communists long ago realized that America could only be destroyed from within and the key to that destruction was to destroy our economy, after that everything else would fall.

It was Cloward and Piven who worked out the master strategy of overwhelming the system through orchestrated chaos, and so the plan was put into action; with a great deal of that chaos being generated south of our open borders.

Bleeding heart liberals rallied to the cry of the poor unfortunates of Mexico, Central and South America. Those poor people had to be helped. It was our 'duty' as Americans. The Democrat party sounded the clarion call of Amnesty and the assault began. Soon they were joined by the liberals of the Republican Party and now it has reached the point that the majority of the GOP is pushing for open borders and Amnesty. That push has sounded the death knell for America.

But there are those who will not be led blindly into oblivion and they are the conservative members of our society. They soon realized that our economy, under attack from the administration, was shedding jobs at an alarming rate, and every illegal that came to this country simply added to the unemployment rolls as they joined the dole of an ever shrinking economy. The conservative push back began.

Our conservatives are far better informed than the bulk of the rest of our people but even they have failed to see just what is taking place at the moment. Their perspective has long been that Obama supports an open border agenda to attract Latino votes, but the plan is far more diabolical as that open border further fuels the Cloward and Piven agenda of overwhelming the system.

Communists, progressives, Islamists, and liberals are devoid of morality. They have but one goal and that is to promote their ideology that will result in the fall of this nation, and children are their latest weapon of choice. We have all heard the term 'anchor babies', babies that are born in this country to women who crossed our border pregnant. The interpretation of our current laws grant citizenship to all who are born here even if both parents are here illegally. Then we are faced with the unsolvable problem of how to send the illegal parents of an American citizen back to where they belong.

I have long stated that there is a time frame for the fall of America and our economic collapse is simply not occurring fast enough and so the administration is now playing  the 'child card'.

From The U.S. Border Patrol...
The fee paid to a smuggler - for smuggling a Mexican - can be as little as $150 or easily as much as $3,500. There was a recent case of a dozen Arab speaking illegal aliens - "undocumented migrants" being smuggled into the United States for about $12,000 each. These "undocumented migrants" were so scary that even the Mexican illegal aliens were concerned, and the Mexican Illegals called the US Border Patrol. Yes, the Arabs got away and melted into America.

Now the Arab part of the above release is scary as hell and this administration also wants them here else there would be no open borders, but for the moment I am addressing but one part of the plan...The child card.

Who is paying the $150 to $3,500 required to bring these children into America and why are their parents allowing it? Surely the children would be safer travelling with their parent unless those parents were assured by a reliable source that their children would be in good hands and well cared for once they reach our country.

This sounds like the reverse of Fast and Furious when we paid to get arms and ammunition sent south. Now 'someone' is paying to have children sent north.

Surely there is a plan being enacted as these minors know enough to simply contact the first available member of the Border Patrol or ICE and they would be sent further inland at taxpayer expense. They are not hiding from the authorities; they are contacting them, and if this is not a well planned agenda then I do not know what is.

From Breibart ... June 10, 2014
Illegal immigrants intentionally surrendering to Border Patrol to gain entry to US

From Fox News ... June 7, 2014
Feds say no end in sight for 'dumping' illegal immigrants in Arizona, Gov. Brewer says
Excerpt: (Gov. Janet Brewer)
"This is a crisis of the federal government's creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure - now apparently intentionally - while the operation continues full steam ahead is deplorable."

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