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Danny Jeffrey


We, as a civilized people, have long wondered how the Germans, also a civilized people, could possibly have allowed the death camps and the holocaust to happen. There is an expression "They were good Germans." usually said with a trace of a sneer that implied the German people mindlessly followed orders without question. I never thought that I would live to see the day that I can sneer while speaking of "Good Americans" but I'm now convinced that our people of today would do exactly the same things under those circumstances.

Where Are The Whistleblowers?

We have a few to be certain, but, considering the corruption in our government, there should be tens of thousands. What has happened to the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave? Our government is every bit as corrupt as was Adolph Hitler's Nazi Party, and our people are every bit as complicit as were the German people before and during World War Two.

We are beset by one disgusting scandal after another from this administration and only a few government employees have had the courage to come forth exposing what little they know about any given scandal/crisis. Where is the American Spirit that I was raised to believe in? Where are those that I was prepared to die for when I was sworn into the U.S. Army? Where are those who want freedom, and should we find them will they believe that freedom is free?

We all know the New York Times to be a left wing propaganda tool for the progressive agenda that is destroying this nation, but in their defense of the administration they provide the data I seek.

The New York Times ... October 22, 2013
Bloated Government? Federal employment at a 47-year low

The Times tells us that there were, in August 2013, a grand total of Only 2,721,000 federal employees. (This figure does not include the military) I really do not need to search for all of the contractors and their employees who do business with the government, or for state and local personnel who are often privy to many hush hush topics, It goes without saying that the total would be vast. 

The point that I am trying to make is that with all of these millions of people why are so very few spilling the beans on an administration that is apparently trying to destroy this nation, its economy, and its jobs. I would surmise that not being a whistle blower could, in the long run, be far more dangerous than doing what should be done today before it is too late.

In today's world there is little that surprises me as so much that is happening is absolutely predictable. This one article is a bit different; not in its easily predictable content but by the liberal news outlet that published it...

The Washington Post ... May 6, 2014 (Note the date. He is still digging for the truth)
Senator Grassley inquiring about terrorist 'hands off' list

Senator Grassley points out the fact that Muslims with
known connections to terrorist organizations have become exempt from federal guidelines put into place to protect this nation. The letter is in a PDF format so I cannot print an excerpt but it is some of the most damning information yet about the DHS. Please read the letter.

The Senator's efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated...

Center For Security Policy ... June 24, 2014
Thank you Sen. Grassley for seeking the truth about the malfeasance at the Homeland Security Department

Frank Gaffney and his associates at Center For Security Policy wrote the Senator a letter expressing their gratitude as fellow patriots, also in PDF format. This is that letter.

One whistle blower in one office put Senator Grassley onto the trail of yet more danger from our leadership. What if there were a whistle blower in every federal office nationwide? Obama would not be in the Oval Office, and America would not be on the verge of becoming another totalitarian state!

Recall the NYT figure from above of 2,721,000 federal employees. If only one percent of them behaved as patriotic Americans this nation would be in good hands with 27,210 heroes on the job. The BAD news is that not even a small fraction of one percent of our people put this nation ahead of their career in the government. Good Germans, Good Americans; what difference does it make as long as they do their jobs and keep their mouths shut? WWII ended sixty nine years ago and we haven't learned a damn thing from it.

And what of DHS. It was founded November 25, 2002 as a response to the horrors of 911 and our need to prevent such a thing from ever occurring again. Now whom do we find in the upper echelons of DHS?

Breitbart ... June 23, 2012
Elibiary: America is an Islamic country

The Investigative Project On Terrorism ... June 16, 2014
DHS adviser says Caliphate's return inevitable

What of the Americans working for the DHS? What do they think when Elibiary walks past them? Are the all Muslims? Are they all communists? Are they all traitors? Or do they simply cower in fear, unwilling to do their part to protect this nation, for fear of losing their job? If the answer is any of the above, those people do not deserve freedom, nor should they ever refer to themselves as Americans. They are beneath contempt.

The fact of the matter is that when a people grow passive, depending more and more on the government, and a great speaker, Adolph or Hussein, comes along promising hope and change, the timid and the unthinking fall into lock step behind him, and nothing will shake their faith in their new messiah. Like sheep to the slaughter they follow blindly, without question, without thought. They, as mindless followers, present the rest of us with two problems. One is that they outnumber us, and two is that they vote.

Americans are the most spoiled people on the face of Planet Earth and have virtually no conception of what will soon befall us. That state of ignorance is going to lead to a massive death toll among those who are unprepared to deal with what other nations have long endured. Anarchy and chaos is not simply an expression. It is a horrendous condition that we will either deal with or die. There are no other options available.

One of my regular readers, an American citizen currently in Poland where she grew up under a communist regime, perhaps says it best: She has left a comment on this site stating that "Americans will not understand the danger until there is no money in their pocket to put bread on the table and there is nothing in the fridge but the light bulb." She also adds "And blood flowing in the streets."

The current symptoms that point to a future state of Anarchy and Chaos...

Benghazi is over and done with and it's echoes now ring hollow in those sacred halls of Congress as the choreographed game of political maneuvering continues. Not one person in the Executive branch has been held to account and none will be. The same can be said for the NSA wiretaps, as well as Fast and Furious.

The EPA has seized control of most of this nation's resources and seem unstoppable in that continuing pursuit due to a congress that spends far too much time warming a chair and giving interviews to the MSM and far to little time regulating the affairs of state.

NASA's mission was altered to make Muslims feel good about themselves and if we need to send astronauts into space we have to hitch a ride on-board a Russian spaceship.

Look to our deteriorating military, education, and healthcare. Look also at our government statistics that have been adjusted to make it look as though we have no inflation, the economy is in recovery, unemployment is no longer a problem and if you believe any of the above please Email me, I have a special offer for some beachfront property you might be interested in.

I could easily go on with this list but believing my readers to be some of the best informed people in this nation there is no need. You get the point.

The purpose of Anarchy and Chaos...

In short the purpose of A&C is to finally break the last shreds of the American spirit.

The following is an excerpt from a regular reader who posted a comment to my last essay A&C Part Three:

My thoughts went back to Glenn Beck's days on Fox at the chalkboard. "Top down, bottom up, inside out, all done to create CHAOS and to make the people cry "make it stop" just so the all mighty leviathan will walk in to save the day.
Here is the 2 minute link to the video:

According to the latest census report there are approximately 2.6 million Muslims in this country. We are well aware that many hope to see an Islamic flag above the White House. Considering the fact that there are over thirty five terrorist training camps in the U.S. and our borders are open for Islamists to cross at will, many are surprised that we are not already being subjected to daily attacks by these fanatics. There is a reason.

Major Hassan of the Fort Hood massacre was a rogue terrorist, so too were the Boston Marathon bombers. The vast majority, however, are a disciplined lot living among us and awaiting the order to simultaneously launch their terror campaign across the U.S..

When to expect Anarchy and Chaos...

Believing that I grasp the Soros/Obama agenda better than most I have projected the collapse to take place in late 2015 to 2016 and stand by my projection as that period is ideal for the purpose of instituting a financial collapse, nationwide looting and burning, and the implementation of martial law, thus allowing a 'Delay' in the 2016 Presidential Election, and an excuse to bring in UN troops to quell the violence.

Regular readers are familiar with my thoughts but stats tell me that I am gaining in excess of fifty new readers per day. For their benefit, a brief summary: 

The financial collapse I envision will be triggered by terminating EBT cards, Social Security, and disability payments and placing the blame on the Republicans. This carefully timed act would trigger instant riots nationwide. It would be at this time that Islamic terrorism would be implemented and America's inner cities would burn as food and water supplies run out within a three day period.

A second option that could well occur even sooner and would also trigger an economic collapse would be another even more devastating 911 attack, in the form of a nuclear bomb being detonated in New York Harbor by Iran. See essay Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War, Part Four. (Also in Suggested Reading below)

Four months after I wrote the above essay this headline appeared:

Daily News ... March 26, 2014
Obama says he is more worried about the 'Possibility of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan' than Russian threat

Let us write that off as perhaps being a coincidence, but the point that I was stressing in Part Four was that Obama was not trying to stop the Iranian nuclear development, just hoping to slow it down by six months; to meet what timetable? If not a coincidence perhaps Obama is looking for bragging rights with "I told you so."

Everything that is taking place points to a rapidly deteriorating America and a sudden crash, followed by Anarchy and Chaos, followed by the people looking to the government for the solutions; the same government that began the whole process in the first place. And still, far too many refuse to even acknowledge the danger.

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