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Fox News ... July 15, 2014
First Israeli killed by Gaza rocket fire as Netanyahu vows to exert 'great force' against Hamas

Toronto Sun(Canada) July 14, 2014
Don't call it war, it's terror
Hamas know the real battlefield isn't in Gaza - it's in the media, and at the UN. So they hope Israel shoots back - on purpose or by accident - so they can blame the deaths of civilians on Israel.

Fox News ... July 14, 2014
Bergdahl could get $350G tax-free, if cleared by Army

Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war

The Washington Free Beacon ... July 15, 2014
Inhofe: Reid obstruction endangering U.S. troops

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
Poll: Two-thirds of GOP think impeachment justified

Editor's note: While I feel that any effort to impeach Hussein is a waste of time with Harry Reid controlling the Senate, I nonetheless feel that impeachment is not only justified but long overdue...Furthermore I resent any friend or associate of that miserable progressive, Jeb Bush, stating that I, and others who think as I do, are irrelevant.
Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
Jeb Bush ally swipes at Palin: 'Nobody of relevance' talking about impeachment

Fox News ... July 14, 2014
Archie Andrews will die taking bullet for gay friend, comic publisher says
Not to be outdone in this politically correct world, ISIL is calling for the actual assassination of author of Muslim comic strip 'The 99' that decries terrorism.
Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
Islamic State calls for killing of creator of Muslim comic "The 99"

Breitbart ... July 14, 2014
Judicial Watch, AEF challenge Obama admin for states' right to block non-citizen voters

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
House Dems push Amnesty on Twitter: 'America's doors are open'

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
White House defies subpoena from Darrell Issa

The Washington Free Beacon ... July 15, 2014
Harry Reid claims border is secure

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
Oklahoma Supreme Court rules state legislature has authority to repeal Common Core

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
IDF to Northern Gaza residents: Evacuate by 8:00 A.M. Wednesday

Army Times ... July 15, 2014
Senate panel back 1 percent pay increase
Senate proposes ending tobacco discounts

Breitbart ... July 14, 2014
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to Feds: Don't dump illegals in my state

Center for Security Policy ... July 14, 2014
Frank Gaffney on Judge Jeanine Pirro(Video)
Defense Secy: ISIS poses a threat to our country

Breitbart ... July 14, 2014
White House: Unaccompanied illegal minors facing danger 'likely' to be 'Granted humanitarian relief'

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... July 15, 2014
Breaking: Hamas fires rockets on Israel after Egyptian 'Truce'

Fox News ... July 15, 2014
Proposed Gaza cease-fire approved by Israel, rejected by Hamas

Jihad Watch ... July 14, 2014
Israel attacked on 4 fronts, 3 of which it previously withdrew from for "peace"

Arutz Sheva ... July 15, 2014
IDF warns northern Gaza resident to evacuate their homes

Arutz Sheva ... July 15, 2014
Nearly 50 rockets rain down on Israel since Egyptian 'Truce'

Fox News ... July 14, 2014
Military assessment says Iraqi units infiltrated by ISIS, Iran-backed militiamen

Arutz Sheva(Israel) ... July 15, 2014
Hamas spokesman reject ceasefire proposal

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... July 15, 2014
Poll: Most Israelis object to ceasefire with Hamas

Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
German police fear Muslims: "I hope I get out of here in one piece"

Breitbart ... July 15, 2014
Kurdish forces: ISIS using chemical weapons

Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
Libya: Jihadists shell airport, destroying 90% of planes, UN pulls staff

The Clarion Project ... July 15, 2014
Iranians flying Russian planes in covert ops in Iraq

Editor's closing thought:
Today several people have asked me if it were alright for them to repost my efforts. Please do. I have thrown down the gauntlet to all sensationalist and hoax websites. We, the people of the free world are in serious danger. Truth and knowledge can help to alleviate some of that danger. It is my self appointed goal to be one who disseminates that truth and knowledge.

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