FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Some of the seniors out there who can still recall the Superman TV series of the 1950s will remember the opening which briefly described Superman's origin, capabilities, and his quest for "Truth, Justice, and the American way." We were a better people then; and while lacking super powers we
, like our super hero were advocates of "Truth, Justice, and the American way" Where have those noble ideals gone? Why is America on the brink of collapse, and what has brought us to this point? Where is Justice? Where is the American Way? Most important of all; where is Truth?

Great volumes could be written as an answer to those questions, or we can simply state that our people have abandoned their heritage of morality, cast aside all that we once held to be sacred, and far too many of us could care less about the truth. We are born with the gift of free will to either do what is right or what is wrong. Doing right comes with its many blessings. Doing wrong comes equipped with a penalty clause; a penalty that is about to be enacted on the entire world.

Today many post internet comments about the danger this nation faces regarding an economic collapse that has been scheduled by the powers that be. We watch helplessly as the administration continues on a wild spending spree, aiding America's enemies, including domestic enemies, while disabling our military and devaluing our currency. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that Facebook members post, people continue to hope that somehow, someone, somewhere, is going to step forward and save us.

Despite evidence to the contrary they are still hopeful that it will be the Republican Party that will save the day. They hope in vain! Recently our conservatives did a little victory dance as RINO Eric Cantor was unseated by a drastically underfunded Tea Party candidate. Guess we really showed them that time, didn't we? Well I must confess that we showed them what the people want, but they turned around and showed us that they frankly do not give a damn.

The last hope of many is the Republican Party and in yet
another primary the GOP fully demonstrated their existing alliance with the Democrats as both joined hands, and votes, to stand against conservatives. RINO Senator Thad Cochran sought and received votes from black democrats by warning that his challenger would disenfranchise the Mississippi black voters. Truth matters not to such as Cochran and his associates. Wealth, power, and corruption is all that matters. Beyond that everything else shrinks to insignificance. 

Newsweek ... June 27, 2014
Defeated Republican challenges Mississippi Senate primary votes
The Tea Party backed candidate who has refused to concede defeat to Republican U.S. Thad Cochran in Mississippi's primary runoff said his campaign has found more than 1,000 instances of ballots cast by people who were ineligible to vote.

The GOP, is corrupt through and through and it is the last place that I would look to for hope. Whether or not Mr. McDaniel is able to overturn the corrupted vote remains to be seen, but once again I shall make a prediction. Should he succeed and become the Republican candidate he will be defeated as the GOP supports his Democratic opponent and so too will our Tea Party choice from Virginia, Dave Brat, for the same reason. Those who foolishly hold out hope in their support of the Republican Party are due for a very rude awakening in the near future. And these are the same people who are trying to awaken the liberals. Sleepwalkers all.

The above prediction is based on the fact that history tends to repeat itself. Congressman Allen West was gerrymandered out of office by the GOP.

PJ Media ... January 29, 2012
Romney Spokesman behind plan to redistrict Allen West out of office

It is not my hope to rain on anyone's parade but I have spent a lifetime pursuing knowledge and the truth. believing that anything less is ignorance and lies. Admittedly those who prefer such a reality have already gone elsewhere leaving those staunch realists in this little corner of the world. My fellow realists; it is up to us to band together across the miles of the internet, and when it all falls apart it will be up to us to begin putting it all back together. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim of the current state of affairs. Begin to realize that in days to come, it will be up to you to lead. Your ability to lead will be enhanced by the knowledge you absorb today.

I mentioned Allen West above; now there is a leader, and he has an abundance of the qualities that all great leaders possess ... Knowledge, common sense, and a willingness to accept the reality about him. I find these same qualities in many of my regular readers. These traits show through in the comments and Emails that I receive. There is one other quality that generally accompanies the three that I mentioned, and that my friends, is courage.

I have been a long time admirer of those brave men who fought and died at the Alamo. There is just something about the courage required to fight on in the face of certain defeat that sends shivers down my spine. Many like to feel that they are making such a brave stand today as they post pictures on the internet telling us that they oppose Obama and plan to Vote'm out, but there is a grave difference between them and the heroes of Alamo. Those defenders of that little mission knew that they were trading their lives for the time that Sam Houston needed to raise an army. Those loyal Republicans today, in following the political song and dance, are only buying time for Obama to raise his.

We cannot stop the coming collapse anymore than we can stop the ocean's rising tide. Accept that reality, adjust to it. Prepare for it, and be prepared to lead when it occurs.

Allow me to present a few facts...

Breitbart ... June 20, 2014
Gallup: Two in three Americans disapprove of Obama on immigration

Does Obama care?

Breitbart ... June 29, 2014
White House: Amnesty for dreamers' parents as early as Fall
The Times noted that the program "was tentatively slated to be announced this fall," but the Obama administration may try to enact it after the midterm elections..."

If such legislation were good for this nation, its timing, whether before of after the election, would be irrelevant. We all know that such a political maneuver will endanger us all and so a delay of a few days makes it all better.

Front Page Mag June 25, 2014
The mounting proof of an IRS cover-up
I have long written that the videos we see of Congressmen grilling government employees is no more than a Kabuki play to entertain the masses while the administration grows ever stronger. Think back to Watergate when one scandal caught the attention of all America and brought a President down. Today we have a rising flood of scandals, which are largely downplayed by a complicit MSM and ignored by an apathetic public, and that is a recipe for disaster. That is the Anarchy and Chaos that I have been writing about.

At the moment, due to our energy needs, we are funding terrorist and anti-American nations to obtain oil and yet the traitors in Washington are preventing us from completing a pipeline from Canada. Once again truth goes out the window in the name of Obama's political agenda.

Breitbart ... June 27, 2014
Out with Keystone XL, in with Enbridge Northern Gateway
Claiming it could no longer abide the Obama administration's five year refusal to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline designed to bring 830,000 barrels a day of much needed Alberta shale oil to U.S. refineries, the Canadian government recently approved plans for a huge new pipeline and port project to ship that oil to Asia instead.
Building the proposed 1,179 mile Keystone pipeline promised, not just a huge new supply of reliable, clean, and affordable oil to U.S. markets, but the creation of up to 20,000 high paying construction jobs. An additional 22,000 jobs economists predicted would have resulted from the broader economic stimulus the project would have generated.

What is wrong with this picture? Let us start with the labor unions: 42,000 jobs will never happen. What kind of an agenda are the unions backing and why? We all know that those unions have been totally infiltrated by the communists who want to harm this nation and send wealth to Asia, but why are the rank and file union members putting up with this? The answer is that they have now been reduced to the level that they are willing to accept the few scraps that fall from the masters' tables.

The same principle applies to the labor unions' support of open borders despite the fact that uncontrolled immigration endangers the membership of those unions.

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
Report: American born workers struggle to compete with immigrants

The same applies to under educated blacks. They too are
losing jobs to Obama's immigration policy. Wherever you look you find Obama followers continuing to support his policies, but for different reasons. The wealthy and uber-wealthy remain on the bandwagon because he promises a world built for the elite. As for the liberals, they simply lack the intelligence to know any better. The rest are caught up in a death spiral unable to exist without those table scraps and continue to vote Democratic out of a sense of desperation. Then there are the elected officials. Playing ball with the administration is making them rich and keeping many, of both parties, in power.

I like to believe that I am well informed on current events as well as future prospects, and I will state for the record that the Obama plan to destroy this nation cannot be stopped. I know that this is not what you want to hear but it is a fact. When this country falls, so too will the world; how long it remains down is up to you, to me, and to others like us.

I would like to close this essay by directing you to a very informative article from Ben Shapiro of Frontpage Mag. If you have followed no other link above, please open this one. It is brief, concise, and to the point.

Frontpage Mag ... June 25, 2014
Welcome to the executive dictatorship
And no one will stop the executive branch. Impeachment will not solve the problem of a 3 million strong regulatory branch in which accountability is a fantasy. The legislature has no interest in stopping the growth of the executive, given that legislators seek re-election by avoiding responsibility, and granting more power to the executive avoids such responsibility. And the judiciary seems unwilling to hem in the executive branch at all, given its decision on the Environmental Protection Agency and Obamacare.

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