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Danny Jeffrey

WHERE IS OUR HUMANITY? Submitted by Shannon Ward

Occasionally I have the honor of introducing a fellow blogger and posting her thoughts on my website. This is one such occasion. The following was not intended to be an essay, as such. It was simply the heartfelt views of a young lady expressing her inner thoughts before a sometimes cruel world. I read those thoughts, asked her permission to publish them, and now put her words before you.

As we look at the events of this day we ask ourselves some important questions. Where am I in humanity? Do I see the carnage that is in the Ukraine? Do I turn away without reflection as to the lives lost? Do I recognize that those shapes of human beings, lying in the wreckage as being human beings?

They, a short time previous, were alive, laughing, listening to music, talking, writing, and viewing the clouds around them. They were traveling to places for holiday, work, or going home. Men, women and children from many countries and different walks of life. They had friends and families who now mourn and grieve for the loss of their loved ones.

The human loss is not only those who are lying motionless in a wheat field in the Ukraine. The humanity that is lost is also reflected in those who, through their own soulless decisions and actions, brought a plane down, effectively murdering all on board who were innocent. They are those who are now denying that they executed 295 souls on board flight 17.  

Elsewhere, Israel is standing alone to defend themselves from an enemy who wants them erased from the earth. Israel, is using her military and ordinance to defend her people like a protective mother who protects her precious young. Meanwhile their enemies use their citizens to protect the locations of arms. Mosques, schools, and homes are used to store and launch death at a people who have been targeted numerous times throughout history.

Hamas uses the people of Gaza and elsewhere as human shields. After bombing Israel they run and hide behind the skirts of the citizens and then use their deaths as a propaganda tool. Showing the bodies of women and children as their proof of the evil of Israel. They manufacture false evidence because they are the ones that created the carnage toward their own people.

Now for another question of humanity: Where is the humanity of our "leader"? Obama, yet again the "great campaigner," stated "it looks like a terrible tragedy." How can someone who is supposed to lead our country state "it looks like a terrible tragedy."? It is a tragedy! People from many countries are dead. Many may be Americans.(Best count, at the moment, is twenty three).

People who were mothers, fathers, sons and daughter, sisters and brothers now lie in a field, dead.  Their futures forever gone, but their memories will live on in the hearts of those who loved them.

Obama's statement does not instill confidence in those who, through our humanity, are deeply affected by the events of this day. Yet Obama is out there, on still another campaign trail to raise money.

With his soulless response, he further demonstrates his detachment from any activity that could demonstrate that he is a true leader of the free world. With his response he proves he is feckless as a "leader," He shows he is disengaged in any activity that may take some hard decisions when it comes to protection of our citizens or appropriate reaction to a true act of evil.  

He once tried to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, a man who demonstrated time and again his strength of character; a man who was thoughtful, respectful and dignified; a man who exuded an air of confidence to allay fears during times of crises. He took the reins of leadership seriously. To lead one must be leading and in front; not behind and hiding.

He was a man who demonstrated, in his service to our heritage, a deep respect for the citizens of our country, and the history that formed this great nation. Reagan was a man who was also a true friend to our allies. After the downing of the Korean Jet our President shared in our grief. In Reagan's address to the American people and the others around the world, he showed his heartfelt humanity in his words.

He portrayed a leader who not only sympathized with those who lost loved ones, but empathized and shared their grief in the loss of human life. He also stated that those responsible for the horrific attack on the Korean Jet should be held responsible.

From Obama we get none of the emotion that would be appropriate at this time. Instead, we get his emotionless response that is read from a piece of electronic equipment. The dispassionate words were cold, flat, detached, toneless, delivered in a stone faced manner that reflects his indifference to events of this day.

There are so many examples of his incompetence as the leader of the free world. He stumbles along, blaming others as he trips through his 2nd term. Bobbing and weaving from one crises and scandal to the next one, like a drunk stumbling from one bar to the next, in the drunk's misguided attempt to hide his inebriation. When will the media actually do their job and show the world that this emperor, has no clothes?


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Janette Scarborough said...

First of all, I don’t know what in the heck “Anonymous” was trying to achieve here? ___ (I think I know why he/she chose that name now.) Must be real profound.

Janette Scarborough said...

Shannon . . . thank you for this essay. I agree completely with all you had to say, and you could not have summed up more accurately or appropriately. You have portrayed our fragile humanity and that which plagues it . . . the sheer evil of power and corruption. This is a battle that can only be won in the hearts of man. Those who commit such atrocities are totally void of soul and heart, which leaves them void of reasoning concepts.
Your description aptly shows your heart of compassion, concern and fairness … qualities which America has in the past always possessed. America was built on Judeo-Christian principles regardless of what others try to proclaim now … principles that taught us compassion, concern and fairness. Danny claimed in one of his essays that we had lost our morals and he is correct. Without moral grounding we are doomed for it is from our moral grounding that we develop the character that defines our humanity. Without principles man makes his own rules and they are always selfish, abusive and oppressive.
I believe you are right … Obama is soulless therefore he cannot sympathize but I don’t think he is incompetent. I think he is going right along with his agenda. He is just EVIL PERSONIFIED, so he really doesn’t care. Any display of concern is fake.
As far as the media goes, don’t expect anything from them. The days are gone when the media knew the meaning of words like HONOR and TRUTH. Many are as corrupt as the dear Potus and will do anything to protect their career. They don’t like America either.
I believe in a higher power, one that is perhaps a bit disappointed right now in what we have become but your essay gives me a glimpse of the soul of my fellowman that encourages me. Thank you again for sharing. Let us hope that from the ashes the “EAGLE” will rise.

I will add one thing here. If you want to get rid of evil then you have to start with those who PREACH it from their safeguarded PULPITS. ___ GO TO THE SOURCE

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