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Danny Jeffrey

APATHY OF AMERICA Submitted by Shannon Ward

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto has a quote attributed to him that cannot be substantiated. It is in regards to the quote "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Did he say it? Maybe, but maybe not. Now we have the left wanting us to give up our weapons. They go after law abiding citizens who happen to own guns because of a few who use a gun in the most heinous manner. Those who used weapons in this heinous manner are among other things mentally disturbed, those who look for "gun free zones" as the perfect place to vent their anger at the world. They are the poster children for evil.

They don't care about a gun free zone. They don't care that there are "laws" pertaining to owning, possessing, or the use of a gun. Those are the 'criminal' elements and they are already breaking laws, and one more won't make any difference to them.  

With the quote of Isoroku Yamamoto be it true or not, misquoted, or just plain fabricated quote, it is something for us, as Americans, to look at. With the added threat of terrorists that our 'president' won't even acknowledge as a danger to our country. The threat that has already made its way to the White House with their terrorist banner in front of the White House and posted for viewing on the internet.  

Now is not the time to be apathetic. We had a large dose of apathy in the 90s and Clinton's view of Al Qaeda. Clinton failed to take out Osama Bin Laden. We had Holder's view of criminal prosecution of terrorists that tried to bring down the twin towers the first time. So how did that work out for us Holder? Not too well did it?

We had almost 3,000 citizens murdered on 9-11. Visa holders that took charge of airplanes with box cutters. We had apathy toward those who were and are our enemies. We, as a people, were angry at the attacks that showed how vulnerable we, as a nation, were. Through apathy we are again vulnerable to our enemies.

Now the apathy has returned. We are heading for another 9-11 but with much worse in store for our country. Many years ago I compared Obama to various people in history. I have compared him to Mussolini, with his arrogant Il Duce pose with his nose in the air. He is golfing as the Middle East is burning, and our country is under attack at our southern borders. Does the image of
Nero come to mind? We have ISIS now collaborating with drug cartels regarding the porous border.

I compared him to Vidkun Quisling; a politician who sold out his country and collaborated with the Nazi in WWII. It seems Obama is more interested in pandering to those who want to destroy our way of life. He figures that talking is the way out of the problem as our enemies drop bombs on our allies and our own military as they plan to send their members to our country to destroy us from within. He has members of the Muslim brotherhood in positions of power in our own government. This too would be equal to FDR allowing members of the Nazi party and also the Communist party into key areas of our government during WWII.

Wake up America. Apathy is dangerous and the ignorance born of apathy will destroy our country; a country that has stood for freedom for its citizens, with a Constitution that defends that freedom. Remember, Obama said that it was a dusty old document? That statement from Obama lets me know where at least one of our enemies resides.

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