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Danny Jeffrey


Were I to define myself it would have to be as a philosopher, a scientist, a historian, a writer and poet, a patriot, a warrior, an idealist, and a fool. That last distinction has only recently been added to the list, due primarily to the fact that in holding onto my idealism for so long, I have ignored the fact that the ideals I treasure still apply to me but do not extend to most of my fellow Americans as I once believed. Accepting this reality has no doubt struck me to the core but even in the face of that reality my head is bloody, but unbowed, as the poem states.

     Out of the night that covers me,
            Black as the pit from pole to pole,
     I thank whatever gods may be
            For my unconquerable soul.

     In the fell clutch of circumstance
           I have not winced nor cried aloud.
     Under the bludgeonings of chance
           My head is bloody, but unbowed.

     Beyond this place of wrath and tears
           Looms but the Horror of the shade,
     And yet the menace of the years
           Finds and shall find me unafraid.

     It matters not how strait the gate,
           How charged with punishments the scroll,
     I am the master of my fate,

           I am the captain of my soul.

I like that poem, always have, and at times feel that Mister Henley wrote it for people like me, always reaching for a star that is out of reach, but reaching nonetheless. But it most assuredly does not apply to so many in whom I once had faith.

About five years ago I decided that it was time for me to join the internet crowd, expose the evil that has taken control of our nation's capitol, and help to inform and unify the American people. That sounded simple enough to me. Simple it was not, due to my making two errors. One was that I underestimated the organizational skills and inroads already made by our oppressors, and two; I overestimated the typical American's love of dignity, liberty, and country.

My early days on the internet found many 'patriots' posting photos of flags, eagles, fighter aircraft, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. My knowledge of history far exceeds that of most of my fellow countrymen allowing me to read trends that never occur to most. While so many were posting that we were going to Vote em Out I was sounding the clarion call that we were headed for civil war.

In one of my very early writings, still firmly believing in the American patriot, I wrote that there would come a day when an aging grandmother would be defending her home armed only with a 22 rifle. I further wrote that when she fell her fourteen year old grandson would step over her body, pick up that 22 and continue the fight, in the name of freedom.

Damn! Was I ever gullible?

That those grandmothers are still out there I have no doubt, but it is said that the a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and in today's youth I find weakness, and oddly enough blame them not. What they have become, we have allowed, but what they are is undeniable, and I shall prove it shortly.

We, the reasonably well informed conservatives of the internet know full well the danger of the political correctness that is being forced upon this nation. Being well informed does imply a certain degree of maturity, both in thinking and years. Our young lack that experience and are falling, without protest, for the agenda put forth by our liberal churches and progressive educators.

They have been molded into unthinking and compliant voters to be; good little automatons. They have had their history stolen from them, rewritten by the powers that be. They have been programmed to believe that their rights are a gift of the state, and that their well being will be guaranteed by the efforts of their fellow man, that there is no right or wrong answer to math problems, as long as the technique follows the Common Core method, and most cannot point out the location of their home state on a blank map of the U.S.A..

The worst part of it all is the teaching of moral equivalence. When the line between right and wrong becomes blurred then all is lost. When the very meaning of words become meaningless and our altered semantics instills guilt in the guiltless, there is little, if any, hope of recovery.

To that end I offer such words as 'Racist', oft used to silence any effort for reasonable dialogue. Then there is 'Islamophobia', a non-existent politically generated mental condition that conceals the dangers of Islam and silences those who would reveal those dangers. Then there is 'Homophobia' for those who reject the ways of the LGBT community and cling to the concept of the nuclear family and the values passed down to us by our forebears.

Our political, business, and church leaders, cringe before such accusations of racism and assorted phobias. What then, are we to expect from our younger generation when the strongest desire among many of them is to fit in? Well, we can't expect much, and that is exactly what we are getting, not much, and why I am writing this essay.

Fox News ... September 13, 2014
Students Select Transgender Girl As Home Coming Princess At Colorado Springs High School
The Gazette of Colorado Springs reported Saturday that Scarlett Lenh received the majority of the votes from her junior class at Sand Creek High School, besting three biological girls for the honor. Lenh, biologically a boy, was born Andy Lenh. She was bestowed the honor during Friday night's football game.
The 16-year-old began identifying as a transgender girl this school year.

Now I am not homophobic and could really care less what people do in the privacy of their bedroom. It matters not to me if they wear Muscle Beach tank tops or drag queen spike heels; to each his own. But, unto thyself be true, and no matter how you torture the English language, a gay young man is still not a girl, and therefore incapable of being a princess.

That being said, allow me to tell you what I am. I am a realist, firmly believing that when we ignore reality, eventually there will be hell to pay for our transgression. That applies when the rights of Americans are disregarded and special privileges granted to illegal aliens and those advocates of Islamophobia. That most certainly applies when a home coming princess award is given to a 'queen'.

However, that single injustice is trivial when viewing the overall scenario of our young willingly choosing to deny reality in the pursuit of a social agenda. They choose not to be branded as outcasts and so cast out the truth, and in doing so they are casting out America and their own future.

Look at today's leaders; products of the 60's and 70's and imagine, if you will, the world our young will lead. It will be a world where truth is a crime and those criminal dissidents will be dealt with; harshly I might add, but surely it will be for the good of all humanity.

History tells us that moral turpitude, without fail, accompanies the decay and fall of all great nations and empires, and the United States is about to be added to that wall of shame. The Founders warned us to never embrace unfettered democracy, and Lincoln told us that as a nation of free men we would live forever or die by suicide. Wisdom and deaf ears; what a combination.

So many choose to blame Hussein Obama for our problems but the fact remains that he is but a symptom of America growing moral depravity. Our people, at least the bulk of them were well aware of his history of drug abuse, his LGBT background, his anti-American agenda, his membership in a black liberation theology church, his progressive/communist affiliations, and his contempt for all we hold sacred, and America elected him not once but twice.

There is an interesting adage I encountered many years ago in my reading...'God protects fools, drunkards, and Americans'. Somehow I am inclined to believe that when the scales of justice are once again being brought into balance, God is going to develop a hands off approach, and will let justice be done.

I should like to close this essay by further addressing two topics mentioned above. One is the home coming princess, and the other, the aging grandmother defending her family from the ravages of civil war.

Of the young cross dresser, I have no major complaint. He is what he is and I say leave well enough alone. As for the student body who voted this boy to be the home coming princess, they were wrong, but the wrong they promoted was taught to them to be right. We, the older generations of Americans are to blame. We have failed to hold aloft the banner of truth, justice and the American way. What more can we expect?

As for the grandmother and her grandson that I once wrote of: In truth he will not continue the fight for freedom to honor her. The fact of the matter is that he reported to the police his senile old grandmother had a firearm in the house, and that is why they were breaking down her door. That young man has only done what he was taught to do. What more can we expect?