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Danny Jeffrey


Recently I took a trip to Washington state for the purpose of seeing a loved one before everything goes to hell here in the United States. All things considered it was perhaps the greatest nightmare scenario of my life as I learned a great deal about many of the so called 'conservatives' of this nation and how so many actively support the evil that is destroying us. I am talking about our freedom of choice and the assault that is taking place on it. Allow me to explain...

I had planned to spend two weeks in Washington but after five days I had taken more than I can endure, both from the powers that be and those conservatives who approve of the liberal left's efforts to force me to change my ways for my own good. As mentioned I returned home prematurely and find that the Ebola problem has grown far worse, that ISIS is growing stronger as this nation plays a game of political posturing rather than waging war, and that everything in general has worsened. 

Three days back home and I feel the need to write of current events but cannot engage the enemy until I address this issue that troubles me so deeply. You see, I smoke. Started at age fourteen, and am now seventy. I have consumed well over a million cigarettes and many thousands of fine Brazilian cigars and loved them everyone. In fact I would go so far as to say that I would not have lasted this long without them.

This essay begins with a picture of Tom Selleck in his portrayal of General Eisenhower prior to D Day. This link is the opening for the nine part mini series Countdown To D Day and it begins with Selleck/Eisenhower making the following statement: "I'm not sending a bunch of fresh young kids to die for people they know nothing about. I'm asking them to die for freedom, and they are ready to do it and that is why they are heroes."

Then the cinema begins and we see a match striking, then lighting a cigarette, and then we see Selleck/Eisenhower's face as he lights that cigarette. This was a moment of drama that originally was not meant to be in the movie, as the liberals of Hollywood did not want Eisenhower to smoke. The fact of the matter is that Ike was a chain smoker and Selleck stated that he would not take the role unless the series was to be historically accurate. Hat tip of respect for Tom Selleck's integrity.

For the record, Eisenhower, in spite of his heavy smoking, lived to be seventy nine years old.

I have never had a problem with non-smokers but detest the militant non-smoker that wants to force me to give up a habit I thoroughly enjoy. In fact I detest anyone who wants to force me or anyone else to do anything. David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine ran a contest last year for writers on the theme of 'Inside every liberal there is a totalitarian screaming to get out'. The token prize of $1,000 was collected by a gentleman named N. A. Halkides. The following is an excerpt from that essay:

'Once the Progressive is permitted to intrude however slightly into matters that are properly beyond the sphere of government, then all aspects of the individual’s life may be subjected to control.  Once any degree of coercion is permitted, then no level of force is out of bounds.'

Another respectful hat tip to both N. A. Halkides and David Horowitz for revealing both the tactics and purpose of Progressives, the liberals, and the 'conservatives' who endorsed the left's assault on my liberties.

My 'conservative' acquaintance in Washington state could laugh quite gaily about my displeasure of not being allowed to smoke even outdoors in vast areas of land. That gaiety led me to point out the fact that the greatest generation, who mostly did indulge in the use of tobacco products crossed two vast oceans and defeated two mighty armies.

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans tells
us that our total military deaths during that war was 416,800 with the number of wounded and missing reaching a far higher toll. What, you might ask, does winning wars have to do with smoking? Not a damn thing. What it does have to do with is freedom. As Tom Selleck in his role as Eisenhower pointed out, it was freedom that he asked our young men to die for. Freedom for the people of England, of France, of Belgium, even of Germany and Japan, but most assuredly, the freedom of Americans. Today our progressives, liberals, and totalitarian conservatives who want the government to enforce the 'It's for your own good' agenda on me and fellow Americans are learning the hard way about what is coming at us.

As for my odd connection of smokers and war: Today, those who embrace the new America and damn all that was once taken for granted by Americans, now look to a small band of Islamic criminals called ISIS and admit that it will take years to even bring them under control. We all know of the 'Greatest Generation'. I cannot help but wonder what adjective they will affix to this one.

'No boots on the ground' tells me one thing: Americans are unwilling to pay the cost that freedom demands and that most, by and large, are fully prepared to vote away the rights of other Americans, and quite willing to leave the cost of financing our government to others as well. History reveals a most inconvenient truth: Those unwilling to pay the cost of freedom will, without fail, lose their freedom, and those who are quite willing to impose their will on others will soon find the will of others imposed on them. As General Sherman once put it, 'Vox populi, vox humbug.'

They shirk responsibility, avoid commitment, and leave it to our corrupt leaders to lead where they may. They have found fault with the greatest generation and are leading us to the Elysian Fields of eternal bliss under their watchful eyes and divinely inspired guidance. What they are not aware of is that the Elysian Fields are strewn with landmines for the apathetic, but...such is the cost of apathy.

Recall this?

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent; I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent; I wasn't a Jew.
When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.
Martin Niemöller, January 6, 1946.

Whether you favored the government implementing new restrictions on freedom or not, think back to the early days when progressives were first flexing their political muscles. Well it was 'just the smokers', and 'just those who drive gas hogs', and 'just those who believed in patriotism'. Now it is Christians and Jews, and those who still respect the flag and the right to discipline our children, and expect them to be properly educated. Our freedoms have been slowly eroded and replaced with their totalitarianism and the greatest assault of all is leveled at our weakest and most vulnerable...Our children. 

And it all began with the battle cry of 'Get the smokers!', all for their own good of course. Once the progressives learned they could pit the majority of Americans against the lesser number, it was all down hill.

Today the 'rights' of illegal aliens, those who chant 'Death to America', and those who would bring Ebola to our shores have replaced the rights of Americans that our people gladly ignored; one at a time as long as they were not among the target group.

In younger days I loved to fly, and loved to jump from those planes. Today I will not fly at all as a matter of principle. I refuse to be searched and groped due to the terrorist actions of Muslims in their hatred for this nation while our progressive administration allows Muslim 'refugees' to enter this nation unsearched and without background checks. Consequently I chose to embark on a twenty six hour journey via Greyhound. Besides, I have always heard that Oregon and Washington are so beautiful and that beauty is best observed from ground level. What I saw was slightly less than beautiful, but quite revealing.

You, if a non-smoker, may be sitting there fuming about
my complaining about not being allowed to kill all about me with my second hand smoke. Rubbish! I was born into a world where smoking was the accepted norm as evidenced by the candy cigarettes of my youth, and the fact that while I wore the uniform of the U.S. Army, C rations came with a pack of cigarettes everyday. Today I am made to feel like a criminal for doing what I was taught was part of my right to choose.

I had no major problem when restaurants were divided into smoking and non-smoking sections, nor do I have a major problem with buses being non smoking areas. However, I do have a problem with when that bus comes to a rest stop and there is only one outdoor area where smoking is permitted...With but one exception, it was by the trash bins. That one exception was, I believe, in Portland Oregon where the whole terminal was roofed in and there was no smoking area under that roof. Probably twenty percent of the occupants of that bus had to retreat to city property, the sidewalk, where it was raining. One young woman, a Greyhound employee, cheerfully told us we had to stand in the rain if we chose to smoke.  She was rather obese, leaving me to wonder if her harmful pastime of over indulging in food would allow her to reach the age of seventy as I have.

Admittedly I must concede that smoking is not a healthy habit. After all, it killed George Burns and he was only ninety nine.

At one point I was in Seattle and the sidewalk was about ten feet wide and every storefront had a sign prohibiting smoking within twenty five feet of their door. Crossing the Peugeot Sound on that vast body of water smoking was prohibited even on the ferry's fore and aft open deck. If you are one of those militant non-smokers you would think this as just; to a smoker it is absurd; to a patriot such as myself it is an attack on my freedom, or as the communists put it, 'A dictatorship of the proletariat.' Just for the record, I am certain that the proletariat of our modern Marxist utopia suck!

Targets: The progressives always target individual groups and get away with it. In this case it is the smoker. Let us try another group: Let us look at non-smoking gun owners. They happily endorse the progressive assault on my right to have a cigarette in the middle of the Peugeot Sound and yet bemoan the assault on their right to own a gun. The non-smoking parent loves the non-smoking sign and yet complain when their child is not allowed to wear a shirt emblazoned with the American flag to school. The non-smoking Christian is up in arms when atheists want religious engravings removed from government buildings, but cheer the progressives on as they attack me and others who want to engage in a chosen past time.

Words have meaning and those meanings are often reversed. The Founding Fathers were liberals, believing that the government should have as little control as possible over the lives of citizens. By that standard, I am a liberal. However, for political reasons, the term liberal has been reversed. Today liberals want more and more government control, and sadly the conservatives endorse the liberal policies as long as others, and not they, are subjected to that specific government control.

Our rights are being stripped away one at a time. Our various groups of people are being assailed, one group at a time, until now most of our rights have been taken away with the blessings of 'conservatives' who frown on certain freedoms enjoyed by others. The day is coming when there will be no rights and we will have only ourselves to blame, but the progressives, liberals, and the conservatives not effected by the latest ruling will always tell us 'It is for your own good.' Well let me tell you right now, it is not for my good. It is for the glory of the little minds of little men in their efforts to control my actions. 

Power, in and of itself is inherently evil, and that is why the Founders restricted it so severely, and that is why the petty and abusive people among us crave ever more.

I began this effort with General Eisenhower and shall close it the same way with a brief video excerpted from that series. The excerpt begins with Ike, troubled by many problems, lighting a cigarette and shortly gives the order "Let's go." Knowing that the invasion had to occur under a less than desirable situation he knew that he was sending many thousands of men to their their death.

The ones that concerned him most was the 101st Airborne, my division of younger days, as the best case scenario predicted seventy to eighty percent casualties. He knew it, they knew it, and like a true leader of men he visited Easy Co. 506 Infantry 101st Airborne. The general had the courage to stand before the men he was sending to an almost certain death and he began with "Gather round. Smoke em if you gottem."

I hope that you choose to watch this last nine minutes of that series when Ike is informed that the Airborne only suffered twenty percent casualties. Walking alone he thinks "Twenty percent is so much better than seventy percent. But the loss of even one of that gallant band is a loss to all decent humanity everywhere, and besides, if the person killed in action is you or the one you love, then the odds are one hundred percent. They knew that, these great crusaders...but they went anyway." At this point Ike lights another cigarette and continues; "Too many of them are now with God. We may never see their like again ... We may never see their like again."

An ominous prediction, and so true. Our people of today could not possibly do what the Greatest Generation did. Their greatest talent lies in throwing away freedom rather than fighting for it.

That is enough writing for today. Time for a smoke break, while I ponder what Americans used to be, and the petty little dictators so many have become. It's time to watch a documentary about Operation Overlord and D Day, for I feel comfortable in the presence of such men, as today I feel so out of place and out of time.

Go with me to that fateful night. Jump into the darkness and anti-aircraft fire. Learn a little about the men who died that you could have today.