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Danny Jeffrey


Yesterday I reposted an essay from 2010 and my blog stats tell me that it was well received and shared. I have one more of those that I would like to bring up to date for it is every bit as pertinent today as when I first wrote it; perhaps even more so.

Originally published September 28, 2010.
Are you happy with current conditions? Do you know anyone who is? Do you know how we came to be in such dire straits" The present and future can be revealed by studying the past. Take a brief step with me into the pages of history and there you will find a great reveal:       


I was just looking through my archives and found a rather interesting essay that I feel is worth reposting. As far as predictions go I have a rather good batting average. People have long been saying that Obama is incompetent and many are just now beginning to realize that he is indeed quite competent as being a genuine Manchurian Candidate he is intentionally destroying this nation. I noted that four years ago. However I was partly wrong on one issue. I referred to his efforts to stir up racial animosity and said that he would fail, but to a large degree, especially among young blacks, he has managed to stoke the flames of hatred. Can't be right all of the time....

Originally published May 27, 2010:


It doesn't seem to matter where I look, be it Obama, the economy, Islam, the UN, one world government, the rebellion in Egypt, or our of funding terrorism, I keep running into George Soros.

We all know he has stated that "The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States." and yet somehow he always gets the US government to donate to his non profits that are designed to destroy us. One such NGO is The International Crisis Group replete with a host of members that are well worth noting.


As shown in Part Three of this essay, Darrell Issa with one letter to Hillary Clinton and yet another to Barrack Obama has done this nation a great service. I have nothing short of the highest regard for Congressman Issa as he is one of the greatest political leaders we have in Washington today. Yet I find fault; not with what he has done, or not done, but what he cannot do. Politics is like a well choreographed dance production and Darrell has learned the methods well. I could not do what he does. I would find it impossible to refer to a lying corrupt piece of garbage as the 'The Honorable' Mr. or Ms. such and such, but then I don't have to. I am not a politician, and not being a politician I do not suffer the limitations that they do in regards to political correctness. Let none ever say that I am politically correct.


By now most are aware that Chis Stevens was engaged in an effort to retrieve arms from Libya and forward them on to Syria as well as recruit members of Al Qaeda to engage in that that war to topple Assad. In this world of satellites, surveillance drones, instantaneous digital networking, and wannabe spies everywhere with video cams, very little remains secret for long. The mere fact that the true purpose of Benghazi has been so well concealed leads one to believe that what was really going on there was devious beyond most people's ability to imagine.


At the end of 'Benghazi Reveal Part One' we learned that security for the Benghazi mission was provided by the February 17th Martyrs Brigade, affiliates of Ansar al-Sharia. The following exchange between Representative Patrick Meehan and Regional Security Officer(RSO) Eric Nordstrom, is excerpted from the May 8, 2013 testimony before the House Committee On Government Oversight and Reform:


Last year I wrote an essay about how little people really know about what is going on, due not to a lack of interest, but to the junk sites that from which they tend to get their information. I am about to prove it.

Benghazi is probably the most mentioned city in the world and has been for nearly the last two years. Everyone talks about, reads about it, posts about it and few know anything other than the fact that four men died there and it was due to Obama allowing them to die, for reasons of his own. Beyond those basics there is only confusion and conjecture. Still, in an effort to waken those who are trying to waken others I shall show you what real research can do and then hope you reconsider using some of the sources I provided in 'Wake Up America'.