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Danny Jeffrey


Have you ever seen the movie 'Machete'? No? Well you didn't miss much; except for an education in today's political events. By the way, I haven't seen that piece of racial hatred either, but I do know how to research any topic, so make yourself comfortable while I reveal yet more of the plan for the coming Obama and Soros sponsored Anarchy and Chaos.

One would think that after engineering the illegal immigrant crisis on our southern border that Obama would at least stop in, do his Presidential thing of doing a photo-op hugging a few of the illegals who are infiltrating our nation. On second thought, scrub the idea of the hugs. Obama surely would not want to catch any disease they have brought up from the Northern Triangle.


Once again the drums of revolution beat lowly as our citizens begin to realize that we now face a far greater danger than the King of England ever presented to our ancestors. We are facing a virtual invasion from foreign nations and our treasonous leaders are holding open the gates, extending a warm welcome to those intent on living off of the accumulated wealth of a once great people, but therein lies a problem: There is no longer any accumulated wealth. We are bankrupt. That wealth has been wasted on the arming of our enemies, the financing of terrorists, making crony capitalists even richer, and a broken and corrupt welfare system. Those poor fools crossing our southern border, just now entering the fray, are only here to pick clean the bones of a fallen and demoralized people.


Before beginning the actual essay I would like to first extend my undying gratitude to the true freedom fighters of America. That list does not include the sensationalists, the satirists that manage to make their efforts look like real news, the hoax generators that keep gullible Americans in a state of confusion, or those who simply want to 'Spice it up a little, to pique the readers interest'. True journalism has no room for spice. One either presents the truth ... or something less.


I often go out on a limb, armed with but a few facts on any given topic and a well founded understanding of the Obama and Soros Agenda(OSA). While on that limb I will write an essay, rejecting most, if not all, that we are being told, apply my own logic, coupled with my knowledge of the OSA, and tell America to not believe what you are being told; they are lying to you. I have connected the dots and this is the real truth! One such essay from that limb was Underage Illegal Immigrants - The Plan. (Also listed below in Suggested Reading)


Some of the seniors out there who can still recall the Superman TV series of the 1950s will remember the opening which briefly described Superman's origin, capabilities, and his quest for "Truth, Justice, and the American way." We were a better people then; and while lacking super powers we
, like our super hero were advocates of "Truth, Justice, and the American way" Where have those noble ideals gone? Why is America on the brink of collapse, and what has brought us to this point? Where is Justice? Where is the American Way? Most important of all; where is Truth?


While researching the latest news in preparation for writing this essay I came to understand something that almost led me to change the essay title to 'Looking For Leaders And Finding Them.' On second thought I decided to continue The War On Truth series and present some encouraging news about our fellow Americans, using the Leader concept in the image to the left.


War...We use that word quite a lot today. We speak of the War on Terror, civil war, nuclear war, war in the Middle East, World War II and III, but the fact of the matter is that the most prevalent war taking place is the War on Truth. Truth, by the way, is losing. PC are two letters that have found their way into our modern vernacular. Most recognize the meaning as 'Political Correctness'. I, never one to follow the crowd, recently re-dubbed it to mean 'Political Collusion'. Another, also thinking for himself, has now referred to PC as 'Political Cowardice'. I rather like that definition as well. But however you choose to define it, PC is but another weapon in the War on Truth.


We, as a civilized people, have long wondered how the Germans, also a civilized people, could possibly have allowed the death camps and the holocaust to happen. There is an expression "They were good Germans." usually said with a trace of a sneer that implied the German people mindlessly followed orders without question. I never thought that I would live to see the day that I can sneer while speaking of "Good Americans" but I'm now convinced that our people of today would do exactly the same things under those circumstances.


It matters not where I look, I find that those we would expect to be leaders in conservative causes doing an abrupt about face and joining the progressive agenda. But the most mystifying of all are those who have grown fabulously wealthy under our free enterprise system of capitalism. One would tend to believe that such people would be the greatest proponents of liberty and self expression. Not so. They donate multi-millions to Soros' NGOs with a purpose of eliminating all freedom and much of the human race from the planet Earth.


The pursuit of knowledge and truth has long been the very center of my life and nothing in the history of this world will compare with the internet and my computer in that pursuit. With a sardonic touch of humor I tell associates that I always turn my computer on as soon as I awaken, at any given hour of the day or night, adding that I would hate for the world to have ended without my knowing about it.

In truth we are beset by such information overload with news breaking 24/7 that I no longer wait to hear of events. I seek them out, ignoring the vast amounts of the trivial and going straight for the relevant. Thanks to the gullible among us, and the leaders they have put into power in one rigged election after another, I now feel like a stranger in a strange and dangerous land, but even with the cards stacked against me I plan to survive the coming collapse. That survival depends upon being knowledgeable and prepared.  I am both. Those who are not face a grim and probably short future.


I spend ten or more hours a day at my keyboard, with a standing record of thirty two hours non-stop, in an unending quest for truth in a world where truth has almost become an anachronism. I must admit getting what is almost a perverse thrill when I find a rare truth on the pages of a propaganda spreading liberal rag such as the New York Times. When they choose to reveal facts that are not complimentary to Obama the Deceptive we know that truth is near and that the walls are indeed closing in. The question then remains; who are those walls closing in on, Obama, or us?


Someone once said, and I wish that it had been me, that civilization is but a thin veneer, for those words are so very true and we are about to learn a lesson the hard way. Later Ronald Reagan, although not quite so succinctly, but perhaps with far more clarity told us that "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation from extinction." If the plans of the powers that be are indeed realized, we are the generation that Reagan spoke of and will live to see freedom become extinct. Many would deny that thought but they are the ones we refer to as 'Low information voters'. The more enlightened will read on, for Reagan also spoke of a darkness that would last a thousand years, and I must address that issue.


Icebergs, are famous for having ninety percent of their destructive mass hidden below surface of the water. The same can be said of the political agenda that are taking place in Washington D.C. Take for instance the immigration agenda at our southern border. Most conservative Americans view this phenomenon as being tied to Obama wanting to allow illegals to enter this nation to build a larger Democratic voting base. This no doubt is part of the picture; the ten percent that we are supposed to see, but the true danger is the hidden ninety percent that most fail to grasp; the cost of supporting these illegal incursions and providing food and shelter for them at the taxpayers' expense. The billions spent on these illegal aliens are all part of the now familiar Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system and bankrupt the economy.


My last two essays dealt with the crisis of our southern border and our border patrol being totally overwhelmed by the massive influx of minors from as far south as Nicaragua. I also broached the topic that this influx is coming by no accident and went on to provide evidence that our government is responsible this vast incursion and is quite possibly funding their transportation northward.


Prior to the 2008 Presidential election all of America saw Obama's spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright as he uttered the now infamous words "God Damn America." and they voted for a Marxist anyway. While not wanting to give any credit to Wright I would like to paraphrase his words to read "God Damn all of those who have betrayed America." My list of 'those' starts at the top and reaches all the way down to the lowliest Democrat who wants something for nothing. Little does that poor fool know that in time the something he seeks will turn into nothing but a trip to the detention camps and the oven.


We are continually beset by one new disaster after another and so few even bother to notice. A few days ago it was the Bergdahl and terrorist exchange. Now it is the tidal wave of 'children' illegally crossing the border alone. Think about that for a moment and I, conspiracy theorist (as many would call me), shall put forth an idea or two for you to consider.

That sign above has long been familiar to all who live in border states. What is it telling us? That we should drive with caution as illegal immigrants with children may suddenly dart in front of our vehicle in their mad dash for a home in America. What is it telling me? That a new plan has entered the picture, or as Sherlock Holmes so often put it, "The game is afoot Watson."


Many years ago I read a book by Dale Carnegie entitled 'How To Stop Worrying And Start Living'. That link will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book or should you decide to save the money and reading listen to this audio link (One hour and fourteen minutes) free and gain the same benefit. That was one of the books that changed my life. Another was Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' that accurately predicted the current state of affairs in America.

Knowing what is coming nearly fifty years in advance did not in any way lessen the danger or the concern, but Dale Carnegie's book did teach me how to deal with it. 'How to stop worrying' was full of true to life stories, adages, and common sense. The greatest lesson that I took from his pages was this: When dealing with a problem, always imagine and prepare for the worst case scenario.