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Danny Jeffrey


"Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Famous words dating back two thousand years, that could be well applied to so many today who regard themselves to be patriots.

My last essay Come Hell Or High Water, I Support Israel, stirred up much rancor on both sides of the Atlantic, undoubtedly costing me a few friends, and led to my choosing to leave a Facebook group. That was a good essay and I meant every word of it, and as such would write it again; caring less about who would be offended. One of my websites gets over 6000 hits a day and the newer one nearly 3000; I doubt that I shall even notice if I am boycotted by a few who hate Jews.


Daily I watch videos and read articles from the MSM as they omit the realities that do not fit into their progressive anti-Israel agenda. My head shakes in disgust as I watch them slant the truth, alter the truth, and totally disregard the truth in their blatant anti-Semitism.


I have long tried to reach the unreachable. Today's blog stats tell me that I may have just opened the door.

There were two times in my early days on the internet that I was taken in by a hoax; embarrassing to say the least, and while one time should have taught me a lesson, I just had to fall for round two. After that I set out to make quite certain that never happens again. Part of the effort was learning what the hoax sites were, but the most important part was learning how to do serious research that I might debunk a hoax on my own. To that end I owe a very small debt of gratitude to those who daily lie to the American public and probably wet their pants laughing at the gullible.


For once I am not going to write about politics, other than as a background theme. Today I shall address an issue that I am certain troubles all serious bloggers; that being, those we cannot reach.

I recall about five years ago when I first began writing on the internet, starry eyed and delusional in my belief that I could wake the American public up to the danger posed by the Manchurian candidate they had just elected. Well, at times we are all disillusioned, they about the Pied Piper, and I about them.