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Danny Jeffrey

APATHY OF AMERICA Submitted by Shannon Ward

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto has a quote attributed to him that cannot be substantiated. It is in regards to the quote "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Did he say it? Maybe, but maybe not. Now we have the left wanting us to give up our weapons. They go after law abiding citizens who happen to own guns because of a few who use a gun in the most heinous manner. Those who used weapons in this heinous manner are among other things mentally disturbed, those who look for "gun free zones" as the perfect place to vent their anger at the world. They are the poster children for evil.


All of my life I have pushed myself beyond normal limits, and now on the verge of turning seventy I have not changed a bit. I have not written a thing in the last two weeks as total exhaustion prevented me from doing more than staying abreast with breaking events. Now, feeling somewhat better I must once again embark on my chosen path of understanding what our government and others are doing to us. Of late, my total effort has been to monitor the news and record events in News Roundup. What I have published below is simply highlights of items that I would have been writing about were I able.


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