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Danny Jeffrey


I have the distinct honor of introducing Rex Foster to my readers, as a man who disagrees with what I wrote in my last essay 'Freedom Of Speech...A Gift Of God?'. He not only disagrees but states his case with clarity and reason. This is not the first time that he and I have had opposing viewpoints as Rex is an outstanding patriot with strong points of view. I have long compared my relationship with him to that of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams as they were renowned for their differing opinions but until they died, both on the same day, July 4, 1826, each held the other in the highest regard. Without further ado I give you the thoughts of my friend Rex Foster:


Free Speech! Earlier today I saw a comment in a group that read..."God given right to free speech". I must dispute that premise. Many men died during our Revolutionary War for the right to speak freely. The concept later spread back to Europe and became implanted as a doctrine of civilized men. Now it is being taken away, not by God, but by the powers that be that once tolerated this freedom. Throughout history, until 1776, people were allowed to speak if it did not offend the monarch, the Caesar, the king, the Emperor, or the church. Free speech is not a gift of God. It is a concept born of the philosophers of the enlightenment, implemented by the Founding Fathers, and paid for with the blood of a people who were mad as hell vowing not to take it anymore.