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Danny Jeffrey


In general an epiphany is regarded to be a good thing. For such an event to occur it is necessary to have a past knowledge regarding a certain topic; coupled with a breakthrough of information that not only verifies that past information, but also leads on to a vast new understanding that has been lacking, awaiting only the key of additional knowledge. Today I had such an epiphany and let me assure you that such an event is not always something to celebrate. This one is leading me to believe that all of my research and writings over the years may very well have been a total waste of time and effort. The information that I have gathered is accurate, as well as the projections made that were based upon that data. However, I have not managed to alter the course of history and the death throes of a dying nation. I have called upon our people to ignore the multitude of distractions and maintain focus, and failed miserably in that endeavor. And, I have long made predictions of coming events, that have proven correct. Those predictions have accomplished no more than instilling fear in some, but admittedly I have been unable to sidestep the outcome of those events. We continue down the same path to ruin in spite of my efforts, and I grow weary.

I hope that you have read my last essay, 'Freedom's Light Burning Warm', as what was written there has led in turn to the thoughts that I put before you now. That essay is listed below in Suggested Reading, but wait until you get there as what I am now about to write may very well alienate many, leading to an outcry for a tar and feather brigade, blocking my links, and a general trend of unfriending me. Such are the risks every writer faces in the effort to deliver what he/she regards to be the truth, in a world where the truth is often irrelevant, a frequent source of fear, and unwelcome by many.

Quite often, the truth is the very last thing that most people actually want. Their de facto quest for 'the truth' is usually waiting for someone to step forward and turn their wishful thinking into a Utopian reality. I am not that man.

Today I watch in abject horror as so many of our people choose to deny the reality that lies before them and go boldly into a world of escapism and denial. Both inevitably lead to disaster and ruin, prompting me to pose a question: What would you rather deal with; a disaster that you expect and prepare for, or a disaster that you do not choose to acknowledge but one that will occur nonetheless? My personal views on the matter is that most of our people choose the latter option.

Above I wrote of being weary; this is why. I also wrote of a tar and feather brigade as what I am about to put forth will surely lead to many regarding my thoughts as being almost blasphemous, but before I go there I must ask one final question: If you were having a very pleasant dream in a house that is on fire, would you want to continue the dream or be awakened?

Ted Cruz! A true American patriot; a man of courage and conviction; a man who, out of love for this nation, boldly goes where angels would fear to tread. I wish there were some way that I could lighten his burden. There is not, and so the best I can do is to try to explain it.

As patriots go I would put him into the Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan category, and yet I have no doubt that many will regard my thoughts as an attack upon a fine gentleman. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but it is the truth that I seek to present. In defending my views I have assembled a collection of my writings about the Senator, all praising him. Those collected writing are listed below in Suggested Reading under the link 'Thoughts on Senator Ted Cruz'.

First off, I firmly believe that had a man such as Ted Cruz followed Reagan's eight years in office, this nation would have remained on the road to recovery and we would have found or built Reagan's shining city upon the hill. Sadly, none like Senator Cruz did follow Reagan. George H.W. Bush, a dedicated Progressive did and he built his whole administration around the concept of the New World Order that he spoke of and sought the approval of the United Nations is all that he did.

The Progressive agenda dates back a century and Reagan managed to disrupt their plans for eight years. When he left office they vowed 'Never again!' Since then we have had Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton, Bush the Younger, and Progressive sock puppet Barrack Obama, and now they are calling for yet another Progressive Bush. They will Never allow a conservative to serve in the Oval Office again.

One election after another, if you dare admit the truth, proves this to be the case; but none more so than the last. Nothing better illustrates the fact that the Progressives and communists have control of both of our political parties. Never one to follow the crowd I wrote that the GOP would enjoy a great victory in 2014, to no avail, as I predicted they would immediately join Obama's Progressive agenda. All of the experts were telling us that we had to vote for anyone with an 'R' beside their name and that an 'R' victory would bring Obama under control. So much for the experts!

Think back a few elections to the rallying cry of 'Wake Up America!'. There has never been a better wake up call than the GOP victory of 2014, for it was this event that proved that I had been right all along, that the bulk of both parties were involved in the ruin of America and that both totally disregarded the wants and needs of the American people. They kicked us squarely in the teeth!

Choose the topic: The economy, national security, immigration; it matters not where you look. The results of the 2014 election gave the GOP a mandate to save this nation. I had long written that no matter how firmly we won the election, it had but one purpose and that was to buy time for the agenda to continue as another rigged election was simply a carrot dangled before a desperate public. Well, I was correct and finally, or so it would seem, America was waking up.

They eventually realized that it was over; that we had been sold out, and there was not a damn thing we could do about it. Having very little faith in human nature I did not predict that this would truly change things, and yet I was hoping that finally our people would do as the Egyptians did and take to the streets, madder than hell and ready to do any and everything necessarily to restore our birthright. Unlike the Egyptians, the American people still had not learned the lesson. They are still not ready for a fight, still hoping to Vote em Out in 2016 even after learning the ultimate truth about politics.

True, they realized that all of our old tactics were wrong; that most of our politicians uttered pleasing platitudes and lies, doing whatever was necessary to gain power before betraying us. Yes they had finally learned that most of the Republican Party leadership was just as corrupt as the Dems, but as yet are unwilling to do what must ultimately be done; accept their roles as serfs or embrace a willingness to die fighting for their own freedom.

There is a basic human instinct referred to as 'Fight or Flight'. Facing great danger we are programmed to either engage or leave the scene seeking safety. Well, we have nowhere to go which leaves only one option; an option that American flatly reject. So, being out of options, our people created a new and a far more dangerous one. It is called fantasy, and that is where Senator Ted Cruz comes in.

Many are they who idolize this great man and yet so few understand what he is doing. Think back to Sarah Palin. Few had any faith in John McCain but they rallied around a real American in the form of a patriotic Governor from Alaska. Look what both parties did to her. Later there was Michele Bachmann. Look what both parties did to her, They rallied around Congressman Allen West. Look what both parties did to him! Today it is Ted Cruz's turn and look at what both parties are doing to him.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Senator cannot hope to win the White House. He and his handful of brave supporters in Washington are simply fighting a holding action, as did the men of the Alamo. Unable to win, they are desperately trying to buy us some precious time to prepare for the inevitable. Unfortunately most of us are wasting that time. They are forming into groups, a vast multitude of groups, based on the dream that somehow this one man will rise above all obstacles and save them from the apathetic world that was born of people wanting someone else to fight their battles for them.

I recall prior to the 2012 elections when the 'Paulbots' attacked and/or excluded all who did not agree with their very narrow definition of reality, which I regarded as fantasy. I am watching the same occurrence in the frightened followers of one of the greatest leaders in Washington today.

Our people are terrified, unwilling to believe that a collapse of our nation is not only inevitable, but that it has long been planned, and so in a state of blind fear they turn to one man. Great though he be, Ted Cruz is no match for two political parties that oppose him, thousands of left wing laws, rules and regulations, a corrupt executive, legislative, and judicial branch of government, a century old agenda, and an army of left wing followers, quite willing to do battle in the streets of America, while our people are not. And, all of those I just mentioned have a weapon that we lack ... The media; a group of people and organizations, all devoid of any semblance of morality, and they direct the thought processes of most American.

Now factor in one more enormous group of opponents; the illegal alien vote. Obama promises to bring another thirty four million of them among us by 2016. Another fact, one that is truly frightening, is that if we lose Texas, Ted Cruz's home state, there is no chance that there will ever again be a Republican President.

New Zeal Blog ... February 6, 2015
CONGRATULATIONS, TEXAS: Valerie Jarrett Working Behind the Scenes to Cede Your State to Mexico

I am well aware that many do not want to concede the fact that I may well be right yet again, but if you have made it this far, please continue.

Several people have added my name to some of the Ted Cruz groups and there I cannot help but cringe at some of the things that I read. One such item. Many members are shocked at various polls that do not even include Ted Cruz as a likely Presidential candidate in 2016. I must admire dedication as I see comments like 'If he is not on the list I will write him in.' I must ask, however, how many men have been elected to the White House as a write in candidate? A consequence to such polls that have excluded the good Senator, lead these groups to conduct their own polls and straw vote elections among the member of the group, and surprise; Ted Cruz always wins.

Members post of their own unwavering support for the Senator. This is all well and good, but inconsequential, as your support for Ted Cruz means absolutely nothing. The support that could turn him into a viable candidate for the Republican Party would have to come from the GOP and they are doing their best to oppose his every effort. This is why I am telling you that the Senator is simply fighting a holding action on our part. Most Americans are simply incapable of grasping the dark side of politics in our nation's capitol. Ted Cruz is going into harm's way to reveal it to us while there is yet time.

Then we have the onerous task of dealing with the Natural Born Citizen clause. My thoughts on the issue are irrelevant and so I shall not even go there, but my friends, you know the tactics of the MSM just as well as I and so it is there that I direct you.

Let us project a best case scenario, one in which the Senator has managed to somehow overcome all of the opposition from the GOP and is now a serious threat to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or whomever the Dems send forth into battle. Now our own words from years ago will come back to haunt us as the MSM unmercifully uses them to flog us.

Recall all of the Impeach Obama posts and banners based on the fact that he was not the proverbial Natural Born Citizen. Those calls for impeachment were based on the fact that Obama's father was not an American citizen and that Hussein may well have not been born in this country, thus disallowing him to be our highest elected official.

Today, many of those who called for Obama's impeachment on such grounds have conveniently found 'experts' who contend that Ted Cruz is eligible, with the only difference being that we know for a fact that Ted Cruz was born in another nation, while we cannot conclusively prove this to be so with Obama.

As mentioned, my thoughts on his eligibility are of no consequence. I am telling you for a fact what the MSM will do with the situation based on the tactics of their Godfather Saul Alinsky.

RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)

Rule number five, by the way, is to ridicule us.

If Ted Cruz does indeed become a threat to the Democratic Party count on this: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, will dig into the archives and find a mountain of comments from conservatives stating that Obama was not qualified to be President due to his father lacking American citizenship, and his questionable place of birth. Those words are going to come back to bite everyone who used those facts to oppose Obama and now conveniently find that the same facts do not apply to our favorite candidate.

Saul Alinsky was evil incarnate but I must grudgingly admit that he was brilliant, and his followers know and use his tactics on a daily basis. We cannot overlook in Ted Cruz what we condemned in Obama. That is hypocrisy at it finest. Deny reality and go there if you dare, but be aware that the flogging will be directed not only at Ted Cruz, but also at all conservatives, our Constitution, the Founders, and everything that we profess to believe in.

The media will never tell us that Ted Cruz is not eligible for the Presidency, nor will they ever concede that Obama was not. The attack plan will be to harp endlessly on the inconsistency and hypocrisy of those who attacked Hussein and support Ted Cruz, putting us in a lose-lose situation, compliments of Saul Alinsky. You see, it has reached the point where right and wrong no longer matter. Truth, and even the quest for truth, has been abandoned in the pursuit of power.

We are dealing with the big boys now and they are totally ruthless. They wield the political and legal power from which we have no defense. There is only one thing that the elites of Washington fear and that is an armed uprising of patriots, as advocated by Thomas Jefferson. After six plus years of Obama I no longer believe they really fear even that. After all, Americans will just keep on keeping on, following that dangled carrot as they wait to once again Vote em Out.

If you made it this far without blocking me you are probably still quite disturbed at some of the thoughts I wrote above, but I shall close with a repeat of one of those thoughts, as in time of grave danger I totally reject wishful thinking and fantasy...

'If you were having a very pleasant dream in a house that is on fire, would you want to continue the dream or be awakened?'

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lifeishooey said...

Many people do concede that there will be a 2016 election. There will not. Obama has/is building a dictatorship empire and he's not about to turn it over to anyone else to run.

He was not elected therefore, he is not president. For to win the highest seat in the US is by election. He was shoe-horned in by Communist Party USA headed up by none other than Obama's puppet master, George Soros.

If a crisis has not occurred by Nov. 2016, Obama will create one justifying his declaration of marshal law. Lest we forget, after all, there is still a matter of the missing nuke.

I will not go down without a fight. You can count on that. I will take my gun to the nuke fight. Sounds like fun.

Give me liberty or give me ebola.

My personal motto.