FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


1980...It seems so long ago, and almost in a galaxy far far away. How far we have come since then, and the journey has been all downhill. In 1980 Ronald Reagan was campaigning for the Presidency, Americans had grown weary of our leftward trek toward the socialist Utopia envisioned by Jimmy Carter, and Neil Diamond's movie the 'Jazz Singer' was taking America by storm. We were a different people then, weary of failed promises from failed leaders. Our responsible citizens had long since rejected the propositions put forth by the flower children, and the peace sign adorned few VW buses. In short, America was on the way to a renewal in both our patriotism and our pride in the American way, and it showed. Four years into the Reagan Presidency Lee Greenwood wrote and recorded 'God Bless The USA' and it was an indicator of a great American rebirth. There is no doubt about it. Those two songs were written by patriots, for patriots, and those words mean as much today as they did then, but only to those who truly love this nation. I have much to say below about what has taken place since then but if you would care to pause briefly and hear both of those songs once again, they are here; 
'Coming To America', and 'God Bless The USA'.

After all of these years, Neil Diamond makes me want to get up and dance, celebrating the accomplishments of the men and women and the dream that gave birth to the greatest nation this world has ever known. Again, after all of these years, Lee Greenwood still brings tears of pride to my eyes every time I hear those stirring words, as daily I resolve to do all within my power to help the American dream live on into coming centuries, and grant to posterity the same blessing that our forefathers died for, that we might enjoy the liberties they believed in.

Sadly, all indicators point to a harsh reality; a reality in which this country, that I love so dearly, is dying. Our flag hangs limply, bereft of spirit, no longer fluttering in a life giving breeze of hope, dreams and aspirations. That unmoving forlorn flag, for the moment, still hangs mutely above our citizens who display a moral turpitude never before known within our once sacred borders.

Were I hard pressed to choose one word that has brought us to this level I could not...But given a broadened parameter of two words, I can do it. One is 'Apathy' on the part of our people, and the second word is an 'Agenda' being enacted by an elite few who now direct the course of America. These elite members of our ruling class are totally devoid of any form of morality. That concept was abandoned long ago in the pursuit of political necessity. The course they have plotted is leading this once great ship of state to a thunderous crash upon jagged rocks of historical progression.

The human race has a long and sordid history as nations and empires came into existence, rose to power, spreading their way of life, and their dominance, to the the vanquished. The list is long and distinguished, including Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, and the United Kingdom. In time, all fell into either a state of decline or absolute collapse, sometime leaving the world a poorer place in the process.

Then came America, and for the first time in history a great nation was born on the principles of liberty and idealism, rather than conquest and the subjugation of a foreign people. With the birth of our fledgling nation so too was born the concept of laws that restricted not the rights of its citizens but the powers of the governing body. However greed and the quest for power seems to be part and parcel with some members of our species as they immediately began the effort to undermine those concepts based on the ideals of the Founders, a people far better than those who followed.

Today the journey has come full circle as our people have far less rights under our present government than did the colonists under the throne of England. Again, on the topic of apathy, the Americans of today lacks the will, the stamina, and the courage, once possessed by the men who died that we might know the blessings of liberty. Where has that will, stamina, and courage gone? I contend that it never left, but was abandoned to the dust bin of history by a people who have lost their way and/or forsaken their morality.

'Freedom's Light Burning Warm', the title of this essay is a line from Neil Diamond's song, but he was singing about 1980, while I am writing of 2015. Thirty five years; less than two generations, and freedom's light no longer burns warm. It flickers in the descending darkness, little more now than glowing embers growing cold as the light dims about us.

Still the frightened, the hopeful, and weary, gather about that last fading trace of warmth, seeking solace from what once was. They are so many, a veritable powerhouse unto themselves if they could but grasp their own worth. But they are so fearful, cowering in the shadows hoping that a great leader will burst forth upon this scene of despair, saving all from their own craven natures, endangering none while managing to circumvent the course of history.

Freedom has long been the realm of those willing to fight and die for it. Oh, but those were the old days and today we cry that war is hell, and we want nothing to do with anything that can harm us, or disrupt our daily affairs and our recreations. Still the 'patriots' of 2015 feel that they are putting up the good fight as once again they plan to Vote em Out in 2016.

My ability to tolerate hypocrisy has its limits and so I drift away from those dying embers of a long lost liberty and the craven who gather about, for they know not where to turn. They huddle as sheep awaiting their shepherd. I shall wait not with them but seek instead the comforting solitude of paths where others such as I have walked through darkness before.

The Founders once passed this way, as did the men who fought at Gettysburg, and those who died on the snow covered ground at Bastogne. Oh yes, and there are the boot prints of the Marines who climbed Mount Suribachi to plant our flag. Reagan once passed by here in search of his shining city on the hill. 

These paths are narrow today, nearly overgrown with weeds as our people abandoned them long ago preferring life in the fast lane instead of yielding to the demands of the tried and true. They sought only the American dream while dismissing the American Responsibility. Somehow they transposed JFK's message when he told them "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

So I walk these paths alone, seeking not the council nor the approval of any but my own thoughts, and the echoes of the great minds of history, but there are none to whom I am drawn more so than Thomas Jefferson, for his thought processes so closely parallel my own. Perhaps out of respect for his many accomplishments I should say that my thoughts parallel his.

In today's world the word 'agenda' has taken on an unsavory connotation, and due to the political state of affairs that is perhaps natural. Yet in past writings I have stated that we all have an agenda. That applies to me as well as it applied to Jefferson. In spite of all of his great writing dealing with independence and liberty, I believe that the one comment he made that defines both he and I most accurately is "There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world."

The pursuit of the truth was Jefferson's primary agenda, and it is mine. For the truth supersedes all else; if discovered, and applied, everything else falls automatically into place. Thomas Jefferson knew this and today I know it as well, but we both were/are well aware of the flip side of the coin.

Most do not want the truth, at least not the whole truth. They choose to flavor it with their own wishful thinking, and if that truth is especially alarming they will turn from it in abject horror, preferring absolute denial to a fearful reality. That is why I choose to walk alone as they huddle about the embers of a once great experiment that has failed.

And so I write, hoping that some few will heed my words from the wilderness, and some few do, with my most common comment from a reader being something like 'I hope that you are wrong, but know that you are right'. Yes I am right, and I too wish that I were wrong.

Please bear with me as I present a few statistics that will well indicate what is happening to the American people today. First off, notice that there are no ads on this site. What I do is out of love for America and the American people. Recently a reader asked how many hours I had put into this endeavor over the years. Figuring days and average daily hours I arrived at a total of about 15,000 hours of research and writing.

I post to my two primary websites with a combined total pageviews of not quite two and a half million. Sounds like a lot to most. Believe me it is not. What I am leading to is the fact that much of that writing is of predictions, both short and long term, that I have made over the years. Long term readers are well aware of the accuracy of those predictions but the accuracy of what I was writing prior to the 2014 election was the breaking point for many, as I predicted a Republican win followed by a capitulation by the victors to the policies of Obama.

Well that was just too damn much. People did not want to believe that I could be right; after all, if the GOP controlled both the House and Senate we could stop the traitor...Right? I stated otherwise and have once again been proven correct. Whether they agreed with me or not my readers continued to be loyal right up until they finally realized that we had been totally betrayed and then all of the other predictions I had made over the years suddenly made sense, and many became frightened into total denial.

My website Freedom Rings 1776 during the month of October recorded 268,282 pageviews. As soon as conservative Americans began to see the GOP playing lapdog for Obama my readership began a serious crash dive that is continuing. Based on October, daily views were an average of 8654. Yesterday it had dropped to 1387; a drop of 84%

My website Fix Bayonets suffered the same trend. October's pageviews were 129,920, a daily average of 4191. Yesterday's pageviews 724; a drop of 83%.

As mentioned above, I allow no advertising on my sites and so a loss of readers in no way affects my financial situation. My primary concern is the welfare of those who have dropped out. The two different websites have different readers scattered across the internet and the 83% and 84% loss is far too similar to be mere coincidence. That consistency leads me to believe that this is a fairly accurate figure for conservative Americans who have either totally given up, or migrated to other sites that specialize in wishful thinking, seeking readers, but totally unconcerned about the truth.

Well, the truth is my total concern and I shall continue as I have always done, seeking that truth and putting it before those who seek it as well. Think back a few years to when the battle cry was 'Wake Up America'. From the numbers that I see above I cannot help but think that eighty three or eighty four percent of those who were trying to awaken America have decided that the future is so disheartening that they would rather go back to sleep, and the real problems have not yet begun. But this is 2015, and that number hearkens back to another of my predictions.


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