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Danny Jeffrey


A people unwilling to fight and perhaps die for liberty will, without a doubt, lose the freedoms they profess to cherish ... perhaps deservedly so.

It was nearly six years ago that I began writing on the internet, naively believing that with my knowledge of history, my unique perspective on current events, and my small talent with words that I could be instrumental in the rebirth of this nation's principles. As said, it was naive as those principles have long since been forsaken by far too many of our people. Liberty cannot long exist for a people unwilling to engage evil, to crush it, and risk the possibility of their being harmed in the process. We no longer have such people, for this nation has already been abandoned by those of morality and courage, and as such liberty has already died. All that remains is a crumbling facade and it is systematically being dismantled one freedom at a time.

Were I to pinpoint a day when liberty's death occurred it would have to be the day following the 2012 Presidential election. We had already faced four years of growing oppression under the Obama regime and reelected him for yet another tour of tyranny. On that day it was already becoming apparent that the election had been rigged, that the dead had left their resting places to vote yet again, and that bus drivers were collecting overtime pay driving Democrats from one polling station to the next. And what did the Americans, complaining of lost rights do? Nothing at all! Well, in all honesty, that is not quite accurate. They did whine a lot

Not one street corner across this once great nation saw a gathering of patriots protesting. Not one government building was under siege by the dispossessed, and not one media outlet felt the sting of anger from a people betrayed. Yes, that was the day America died, and it didn't even go out with a bang, simply a mere whimper, a very apologetic whimper. 

We knew that Obama had stolen the election and our reaction was to post the proof that the vote was rigged. Reports of deception from True The Vote flooded the internet as people chose to show they were aware of what had taken place. Right under those posts were others looking forward to the next election when we would really show'em. Furthermore we really did show them. In a landslide victory our GOP devastated the opposition in 2014, and as soon as they did they switched sides.

One would be inclined to think that after so many elections and so many betrayals the American people would learn, but that is not meant to be, as once again they look forward to our next defeat election. These elections have one purpose and one only. That is to give a false sense of hope to the gullible as the Progressive agenda is further implemented. 

The above image and similar versions became commonplace across the internet and those words are quite true, but then we are not our forefathers. They were men of courage, of determination, and of an unbending will. That cannot be said about much of the current generation of Americans, and even those who still possess the will are being diluted by an onrush of immigrants. The ones from south of the border seek to spread communism and those from the Middle East are intent on spreading terror among a people who sank into a state of apathetic non-involvement long ago.

Walk the streets of Los Angeles and get a preview of tomorrow.

Meanwhile our corrupt leadership in Washington, of both parties, and the Progressives of Europe are warning of the dangers from right wing extremists. Where are they? If they existed then surely they would have shown some sign of life by now. This country and Europe have gone so far to the left that were any willing to counter the trend they would have acted already. They have not and I must conclude that is due to the fact that they do not exist, but those communists above do without a doubt, and Obama is importing them by the millions, transforming America in the process.

Fortunately for them, at least for the moment, they have no idea about their fate once their purpose has been served. The lucky ones will make it back to Mexico alive. The others are not worth discussing. But to where will the hapless Americans retreat when the Soros/Obama agenda triggers the collapse? My best guess is up that proverbial creek, hopefully with a serviceable paddle. A further extension of that guess is that not all will be in need of a paddle as they possess the wisdom to grasp what is coming and they plan to survive, to hopefully rebuild America.

Some of us are preparing now for what lies ahead and those who do will be, at least in their own communities, the leaders of tomorrow. The future of America will on their shoulders rest, for we most assuredly cannot rely on our elected leaders.

In October of last year, you, my readers, got quite a compliment from a liberal acquaintance in Seattle. She spoke of the intelligent comments posted to my essays and compared the authors of those comments to the bickering remarks posted on other sites, mentioning Fox News by name. Most of those people have nothing to say but just have to say something, and it is usually something stupid. I lack the vast number of readers that Fox has but what they have in quantity, I make up for in quality. For this I thank you. Additionally, a good deal of my essays were inspired by some of those well thought out comments.

It is said that the truth shall set you free; not necessarily so, but it goes far in helping you to make the right decisions. Lies and misinformation will always lead you astray. Couple the truth with the gift of intelligence, sprinkle in a dash of wisdom, and you have made a quantum leap. That is where you excel. That is the reason that you are some of America's finest.

Frightened? Damn right! I am always frightened when someone else is restructuring my future into their perceptions of how the world should be. Terrified? Absolutely not! Those who are will suffer panic at the first sign of trouble and they will top the casualty lists.

Got a plan? Yes! The Progressive have theirs and I have mine. Rule number one on that plan is when the collapse occurs I will do nothing that they want me to. I will surrender nothing that I possess, nor will I get onto a bus that supposedly will take me to a safer location. I feel safest standing my own ground, armed to the teeth, and just waiting.

Some years ago much of America was in a panic about martial law, losing the internet, gun confiscation, and a financial collapse. I never panic and responded accordingly. I wrote that none of the above would be a major problem until late 2015 to early 2016 when the crash should occur. Obama still needs to gather his forces, as for their top down/bottom up civil war to be successful he has to implement total anarchy and chaos across America. Thus we are still bringing many thousands from the Middle East and millions from Mexico.

I have long made it a practice to predict coming events, a great many of which have already taken place. Allow me to make yet another as a closing point to this essay...

You, my readers, have perhaps the best chance of any of our fellow Americans of surviving what is coming at us. This has little to do with the fact that you follow this site. No, it has far more to do with what you are inside, a well informed, intelligent, dyed in the wool American patriot. This site did not give you those qualities, rather it was those qualities that led you to this site and convinced you to keep reading.

My friends, we have one helluva a battle ahead of us and I can only hope that cool heads will prevail. As others are losing their heads, you must keep yours. As they panic you must remain calm. As they break, you must remain aloof. As they stumble, help them if you can but leave them if you must.

The greatest problem we face is a lack of concerted leadership. At the moment we can do nothing to alleviate that situation. Our chance will come during and after the anarchy and chaos event. That is where you come in. Any community that survives will need a rational and intelligent leader. Your work is cut out for you. Learn what you can now as in time we will lose the internet or it will be so censored as to be worthless. Steel yourself for tomorrow and never weaken.

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hitecron said...

God is in control, and what God fearing Americans should do is to stay home and stop supporting what is an evil and bankrupt America! Shut off the money, and it won't take long, as long as we remain strong. All our problems will be relieved soon as we shut off the spicket!

lifeishooey said...

Yep, the people do seem to want communism. So, I say....Lord, beam us outta here and let them have it!

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