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Danny Jeffrey


Ladies, gentlemen, friends, of Fix Bayonets, I would like to introduce you to an emerging talent. I could not help but notice the intelligence apparent in comments Dee Fatouros has left to some of my essays. To that end I have asked her to consider taking on the burden of becoming a regular contributor and thankfully she has agreed. Read her words, heed her thoughts and views. This lady understands the Big Picture as do few others.

And so without further ado, I give you the efforts of Dee Fatouros...


Those who dwell within the comfort of their own false reality are completely unaware of their constraints and content as long as they have enough space, food, water, and basic comforts that keep coming. They are easily manipulated and are indeed unwitting allies in their own suppression.

Setting the stage:
George Soros had been working for decades to infiltrate the Democrat party and to dominate the media.  He would employ his wealth and his ideological fervor to capitalize on this opportunity, knowing that the best time to implement radical change is during times of upheaval and crisis—i.e., times like the aftermath of 9/11. “Usually it takes a crisis to prompt a meaningful change in direction,” Soros himself had written in his 2000 book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. source

The financial collapse of 2008:

Did Soros cause the problems in the banks and the crash? 

No! This would have happened anyway because of the bad loans but when Soros and the MFA saw that Obama was loosing the election they pushed up the crash by as much as a year by short selling all the banks and crashing the market overnight instead of over a slow period of time. The agenda of Soros and other short sellers is clear. Their purpose was to loot America and any foreign capitalist country. Greece was one of them. Iceland was ravaged and annihilated. The economic crisis was deliberately engineered for profit and political gain and has already resulted in the “looting” of $11 trillion from the U.S. economy. It was the engineered financial crisis that enabled Obama to win the presidency.

Soros wanted somebody that hates the traditional America and its constitution, a left-wing radical like himself, so he chose Obama. Know this because: Nothing will happen until the American people know what caused the economic crisis and the solution for fixing it. Nothing will happen until the American people know about the Managed Funds Association and their role in engineering the economic collapse. source

Swallowing of the lies, hope & change:

After the financial collapse, The narrative of Hope And Change was fed to the hungry masses. Like cotton candy, it was large, sweet and without substance. The term Obamabots was use to describe the incomprehensible, enthralled, and almost zombie like response to this shallow man with a pretty face and a serpents tongue wrapped in silk. Many did see through him; however, they were excoriated, labeled racist, and silenced. How convenient that he was Black, and therefore untouchable. 

He was literally placed in the White House, and those who saw that the election had been stolen, that he was an America hating Marxist, a tool of the New World Order, and any who dared to raise their voices were immediately labeled Racist. Nothing halts an intelligent conversation like the introduction of the albatross of racism that hangs around the necks of those suffering from "white guilt".

The Soros dominated MSM folded to its master like a cheap lawn chair. Those riding the unicorns were comfortably wrapped in the warmth of illusion while those living in reality were dumbfounded by the precipitous plunge in the collective I.Q. 

Realists began to worry and handled their angst in many different ways. Some rushed out to buy as many guns and as much ammunition as  they could, others began stocking up on food, some built shelters, and many did all of the above. They worried not only about the government turning against them, but also the Obamabots. The American psyche was and clearly continues to be divided and on edge.  

Realists fear the 'useful idiots' as much as if not more than the government. When things start going to Hell, they will pose the greatest threat to those who dwell in the realm of reality. They will betray us to the "Authorities" in a heartbeat if they feel that we are a danger to their own contented existence. Every totalitarian society relies on informants, and if it has progressed enough, even the children who have been propagandized by the so called educational system.

Behold the Obama personality cult being born:

When one views this, the Hitler Youth or Young Communist Brigades come to mind. They can be all they want to be by the good graces of the Dear Leader. The so called tree huggers, the preachers of peace and love, the ivory tower intelligentsia, and the rigid practitioners of overt Cultural Marxism are the enemy within.

Sadly, many truly believe in the cotton candy memes that neutralizes their reality testing capabilities. Others are simply unscrupulous and opportunistic and will willingly prostitute themselves to the regime.

Without both the deluded and the conniving, the powers that be would have a tremendously tough row to hoe and might not be able to finish it. What these useful idiots cannot see is that when they are no longer useful, they too will be led to the edge of a ditch and eliminated.

Yes, this writer firmly believes that the fall of the American civilization as we know it is well on its way. 


We must stay in the weeds and keep our own counsel with others who are like minded. For we and we alone carry the history and truth of our past as well as the torch that will light the way from the dystopian misery that we will inevitably encounter. Eventually, when the cycle of history begins to turn and the the time is right, we or our descendants will pass it on.

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