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Danny Jeffrey

Is Our Oblivian Allowing Our Leaders To Push Us Into The Gates Of Hell - Submitted by Dee Fatouros

Will the national security of the United States Of America ever supersede Obama's blackness. Maybe in the minds of the electorate, but not in the minds of the Communist, er, Democrat Party. Too many fools in the Donkey party do not realize that they are indeed, just that--blind fools. They are the dangerous ones, and sadly, many are White who remain burdened with "White Guilt".


I have reached an impasse in writing about day to day events and feel that it is time to reflect on the underlying danger to this nation and its people. It has become quite obvious, to any who take the time to ask themselves how did we get here, that the Democratic Party, since President Johnson was in office, and their complicit RINOs have gained a near absolute power over America, and that the Globalist agenda is destroying all that was right with the world as we were growing up.