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Danny Jeffrey


Originally published Sept 20, 2010

The video is long. I shall endeavor to make the post short. My deepest appreciation goes out to Kinana for  a post that for the first time gave me hope that those with major influence have now come forth and agreed  that, yes indeed, Islam is something to fear. A group calling themselves B ll, consists of Generals, an Admiral, Chief of CIA ret., Secretary of Defense ret., Ambassadors etc. The list, long and distinguished, brings impeccable credentials and credibility to this Sharia issue, born of Islamic conquest and ignored due to Political Correctness.

I copied the necessary link and affixed it to a short explanatory blog post. The information contained in the book that B ll has produced will, no doubt, stir up much concern here in America. I heard Nothing about it from the liberal news media. Frank Gaffney, founder of the group, specifically asked the media to get the information out. They didn't! I shall! It is now posted on six different networks in the USA.

What Kinana led me to is a book that implicates those in the White House to Al Qaeda. Obama's name was not used in this particular respect. B ll systematically slices and dices virtually everything in the Obama administration concerning Islam's danger to the nation. After my blog was published I came across yet more. I now have the video of when the book was officially announced.

It is somewhat lengthy but well worth watching, for I am optimistic that this may be the turning point in the Sharia issue. When enough Americans become aware of this, things will start to happen, and if we can turn the tide, perhaps we can help our friends in Europe to do the same. One further thought before the video: Most Americans are really not aware of Sharia and have little to no idea about who Geert Wilders is. They will. Teaching them has become my quest.

I directly posted it to a great many friends, explaining the urgent need for this info to go viral. They in turn are doing the same. The fellows in the media are not aware of it but they are going to be replaced by bloggers.

The following is the video announcing the release of B ll's pulblication

The following is the first blog post concerning the B ll issue

Watch for future posts. We are confronted by many issues and I am promoting first getting conservatives in the Senate and Congress. If we can weaken his voting partners that is half of the battle won.